Who is Pulis na Pogi?

Pulis na Pogi is a police officer who is never contented with the status quo.  He believes that this should be the mentality of each police officer who truly loves the PNP.  With the problems around us, we cannot afford to be complacent.  Like the Philippine Society in general, not a few of us are already numbed with the mediocrity and apathy surrounding us.  There are just too numerous issues to enumerate and discuss in one sitting, thus there is a need to keep a record.  While it is true that the guys on top of the organization usually have the best intentions and there are systems that address these problems, the enormity of the task necessitates for the existence of Pulis na Pogis who provide inputs from the ground.

This was who he was before, this is who he is today, and this is who he will be in the days to come...

No matter what comes...

Come what may...

He just loves the Philippine National Police!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and I must say I enjoy your posts. It is very refreshing to see some sensible opinions (which I happen to agree on) regarding the nitty-gritty of Filipino everyday life. Keep fighting the good fight!


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