Hero Policemen

This page is dedicated to policemen who live up to expectations.  If you have any positive compelling story or picture of how a cop touched your life, please email it to me and I will post it here.



  1. The only time that I personally encountered a "hero policeman" was when a traffic cop flagged me and finding no fault on my part, after a thorough check, he let me go; and the other instance was when a policeman courteously asks for "pambili ng kape" after a thorough check wherein I was apprehended because of my broken winshield. These acts of keeping the order or acting courteously albeit, waste of my time, are for me, heroic, though it is what they're supposed to do.

    Above instances can be classified as heroic because all of my other encounters with law enforcement officers are plain and simple robbery or total disservice. To cite a few:

    1. When I was held up, I went to the police precint - a good 20 minutes of brisk walking - to report the incident. After he listened to my story, he ask me if I wanted to get back the things taken from me. I said, "siyempre po", knowing in my mind that most, if not all, of the robbers are in connivance or "alaga ng mga pulis" - most of my neighbors who knew somebody from the police always got back what was taken from them if reported early and the specific place where it happened. When he ask me if I saw the face, I told him that it was very dark because of a power failure. He scolded me for reporting when I have'nt seen the face of the holdupper and that I am wasting his time. When I responded that it was what I read in the newspaper: to report crimes is the least we can do to help in crime solving, he told me in an angry voice to get out of the precinct or he will put me in jail.

    2. When I was waiting for a ride in a bus stop, a police patrol car stopped in front of the people waiting and frisked us, and checked our wallet and bags. After they left, I noticed that my Parker ballpen and Zippo lighter, which I placed in the front pocket of my bag, were gone.

    3. And the worst experience are traffic enforcers, whether policemen or deputized. Whenever they flagged you, there is an extremely high probablity that you will be mulcted because they will try to find any violation such as busted light, inoperable safety gadget, defective side mirrors, etc., before they will let you go.

    4. When I brought a pregnant-woman-victim of hit-and-run to a hospital and reported the incident to the nearest police station, the policemen at the station were indifferent, even when I told them that there were many witnesses to the incident in the area. They just continued what they're doing and didn't lift a finger even when I offerred my vehicle to take them to the scene of the incident and back to their station. I offered my vehicle because I heard so many times that the police cannot proceed to the area because of lack of gasoline for their service vehicles

    Hero Policemen? For me they are already heroes when they are doing their job, and with courtesy.

  2. https://z-n.ak.fbcdn.net/sphotos-h.ak/hphotos-ak-xap1/t31.0-8/s960x960/1973223_10202927521780388_7212092044821635058_o.jpg

    This is my father Police Senior Superintendent (Ret.) Wenceslao S. Ornido, he became a soldier during the Philippine Constabulary days until the merged and transition of PC/INP into PNP. I always look up to him during my childhood days and I am proud of his service and achievements through the years.

    One of the unforgettable story written in his biography was the failed December 1989 coup-de-etat.

    "Permission to Command the Troop, Sir" a request addressed to 2 Officers and Senior NCO by then TSG Wenceslao S. Ornido, when they (13 PC/INP personnel), were holding position and surrounded by elements of Rebel Soldiers at the Corinthian Plaza Bldg. in Makati City at the height of the failed December 1989 coup-de-etat. They survived the fierce exchange of gunfire between the rebel soldiers and the defending troops under the direction of Technical Sergeant Ornido.

    Earned for himself a fruitful 35 years of service in the military and police organization, attributed to his dedication and perseverance. He lives simply so others can simply live.


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