Purpose of this Blog

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Original version until August 5, 2014:
This blog has three purposes:

1.  Act as a cathartic outlet about the craziness all around;

2.  Record and etch in stone things that need to be remembered, so that when the time comes, I can review my opinions before the operational environment had changed.  I know that comfort in life has a funny way of changing opinions.

3.  Serve as an outlet for other interested persons to also express their ideas.  Thus the comment section is unmoderated and allows anonymous posters.

August 5 to 1 November 2014:
The beauty of anonymity is the power that it accords which is otherwise not available to identified freethinkers, mavericks, and trailblazers.  Tempered with patriotic responsibility, this power, together with new technology, allows the once upon a time, voices in the wilderness to be heard...
Welcome to the new revolution in this wired and linked world!

November 2104 to June 2015
Many of the things that I advocate in this blog are actually required by law.  Moreover, they are basic, simple, and will not cost anything.  One advocacy is the return of the semestral Physical Fitness Tests because weight maintenance is required by law as stated in item (i), Section 30 of Republic Act 6975 which states that a policeman:

June 2015 to June 2016
Makulit na pulis...hehehehe...


  1. The Lady from the NorthSunday, April 10, 2016 8:01:00 PM

    Sir Pulis na Pogi,
    Unlike other commenters, I will not say that your blog is entertaining. Yes, I laughed at some points you raised, but overall, the issues you discuss are downright depressing. To borrow a cliché, we're going down the drains.

    I would love to see your plans on how to change/solve these issues. You mentioned a couple of times that this blog will serve to remind you of what needed to be changed when you get to a position of power and responsibility in the PNP. I, and the rest of your readers and fans, would love to see the talking points on what you'll do. Assume that you are now in that position of power, and if you're faced with the issues you discuuss in this blog, what would you do?

    1. Hello Lady from the North! I supposed that you had just recently stumbled on this blog? I have the exact article that you need: Here it is:


      Actually, I made a series of articles about this topic so please do browse the articles preceding and succeeding that one.

      And about THAT depression, can I suggest a solution--such as binging on chocolates? Hahahaha!

      Thanks for the comment and the visit!

    2. And you can prioritize reading this one if you are in a hurry:



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