Resources - Lecture Materials - Updated 22 Sep 2014

In this page, I will post the links to the digital poopsheets that I collected from schoolings, seminars, and many others.  To preclude spreading viruses, when possible, I will just cut and paste the materials and publish it in a post.  If you need it, just cut and paste it to a word processor.

However, for Powerpoint files, I will upload them to Google Drive and make a link here.

If you need specific materials on some topic that you  cannot find in the internet, please post in the comment page.  I will upload the material if I have it. If you are the original owner of a material posted here and you want it removed, please make a comment or email me.

Having said that, I will also add that I will not edit the materials anymore so caveat emptor!

1.  National Drug Situation and Government Response (2010)

2.  Handling Media Relations by VP Lipana (2010)

3.  Media Relations and Linkages by PSUPT Roy Correo

4.  PPSA Gun Safety Seminar (may have been rendered obsolete by the new law) 

5.  Criminal Investigation Management

6.  Criminal Intelligence

7.  Map reading

8.  Laws on Women and Children

9.  Patrol Operations

10.  Police Community Relations

11.  Records Management

12.  Police Education and Training

13.  Police Leadership and Styles

14.  Police Operational Procedures

15.  Public Speaking

16. Forensic Sciences

17.  Traffic Management

18. Communist Party of the Philippines

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