Rich Policemen: Citizen Lifestyle Check

Here is the page where you can post the pictures of your neighbors who are rich policemen.  Use the comments section below or send me through email the pictures and I will post it here.  All information will be treated with utmost confidentiality.



  1. Boss, perhaps no one dares to post pictures here, hehe. Moreover, to those who are anti-policemen, please do check the lifestyles of all Budget/Finance Officers at all levels/units of the AFP and PNP. More importantly the Comptrollers of the AFP and PNP and comptrollers of the Regional Headquarters of the PNP, nationwide.

    Chief Marquez has just assumed the highest position in the PNP. And almost in dominoe-effects, members of PMA Class 92 also moved to juicy positions. A Class 92 PD of Cavite immediately moved to the Fiscal and Budget Division of the Directorate for Comptrollership, while other members moved in as Regional Comptrollers......hmmmnnn, what does this mean?????

    1. hahaha thanks for the visit and the comment! eto sagot sa tanong na what does this mean? hahaha!


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