Sunday, November 06, 2016

Espinosa Killing: A Clear Case of EJK—Sen. Panfilo Lacson: My Pulis Take

Only a moron would believe that Mayor Espinosa actually fought it out with policemen from his jail call.  (But it appears that there are 16M morons roaming around the neighborhood nowadays.  It also appears that they rapidly multiplied to 91%.  Ewan ko na lang sa mga numerong yan.  Kasama na yata ako sa mabubuang a!)  Nothing in his highly publicized saga, that started with his naming by Duterte and subsequent surrender to Bato, would indicate a person who is stupid enough to entertain that idea of picking up a gun and shooting it out against heavily armed policemen—FROM HIS JAIL CELL TO BOOT!  There are several statements that defied credulity that the PNP proffered in trying to explain the incident.   But all are so far out of this world that even the Marines will not believe them even if you tell it to them!  (With due apologies to the Marines.)

First and foremost, how the Mayor smuggled a weapon inside his jail cell is already something that only the current PNP dared explain.  (Teka, naipaliwanag na ba?)  Obviously at the get-go, the operation had murder as mission, thus the jail guards deserted their posts when they got wind of the plan.  They just do not want to be involved and that is a very wise call.

Second, what kind of policeman would apply for an SW and worse, what kind of a judge would issue a search warrant for a jail cell?  (Well, if the lawyering standard nowadays is based on Duterte’s standard, who is a self-admitted patulog tulog in school, then there is no wonder!)   It is worth emphasizing that an SW is devised as a protection to the constitutional rights of citizens stated in Section 1 and 2, Article III of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, to wit:

Section 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.
Section 2. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures of whatever nature and for any purpose shall be inviolable, and no search warrant or warrant of arrest shall issue except upon probable cause to be determined personally by the judge after examination under oath or affirmation of the complainant and the witnesses he may produce, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.

However, for convicted persons, that guarantee cannot be already invoked considering that they are already wards of the state and kept in a facility whose upkeep, maintenance, and most especially SAFETY and SECURITY are inherent obligations of the State.  Shall I still cite jurisprudence and current regulations to support this point?  Wag na.  May 16M na hindi rin makakaintindi.

I will just make this article short because 91% of Filipinos have attention span shorter than their dicks and cunts but for the policemen involved in this operation and for others who will involve themselves in similar operations in the future, I just would like to print here the POLICE OFFICER’S PLEDGE that is recited every Monday Flag Raising Ceremony:

I will love and serve God, my Country, and People;
I will uphold the Constitution,
and obey legal orders from the duly constituted authorities;
I will oblige myself to maintain a high standard of morality and professionalism;
And I will live a decent and virtuous life, to serve as an example to others.

Siguro naman, kahit kasama ka sa 16M or 91% (whatever!), e maliwanag naman ang ibig sabihin ng pledge na yan.

Well, on second thought, kung ang Presidente mismo e hindi nakakaintindi ng nitty gritty ng DUE PROCESS despite his being a lawyer, e hindi na ako magtataka.