Saturday, October 29, 2016

Suggestion: Replace the PNP with Vigilantes

My last article elicited concern among my friends.  They pointed out that I am insinuating that the killings of the Rosales siblings are government initiated and that they are drug related or at the very least, part of the current “war on drugs.”  Well, if Abante Tonite is to be believed, then yes it is drug related especially in Lauren’s case.

What remains to be clarified then is if I believe that this pair of murders—and the many others—are government initiated or sanctioned.  Well, here it is:  Yes, Pulis na Pogi believes that most of these killings are government initiated and sanctioned.  Again to clarify, I am referring to the riding-in-tandem style vigilante murders though I also believe that many of the so-called encounters that resulted from anti-drug operations are also cold-blooded murders.  But that is a subject for another article in the future and let me focus on the vigilante style killings.

Since furor first arose about vigilante killings, both the President and the Chief PNP had been consistent in their denials and non-sanction of the activity.  The latest of these denials was made by the President last week.  But what gives?

When the Odicta couple were killed in cold blood, Duterte immediately claimed that they were “targets.”  Targets of whom, he did not clarify however.  Until now, no suspects had been identified in the slayings though a perfunctory investigation was initiated by the PNP.  Rappler reported “On the day the suspected drug lord was killed, Duterte explained that Odicta "was really being hunted."  Sought for comment about the Odicta slay, Duterte said on August 29: "That is not my problem. He is wanted, and he is the number one drug lord."”

Following the logic of the President, granting that the Odictas were real big time drug dealers and targets for neutralization by the PNP, then there is a group or groups of people that are far better than the government in general and the PNP in particular because they are able to neutralize this couple before the government and the PNP did.  And they are so good that it appears that the PNP is afraid to touch them with a 10 foot pole because until now, none of them had been made answerable for the crime that carries the same, if not heavier, penalty than drug dealing.  In the Senate investigation, the Chief PNP admitted to their existence, yet no concrete plan was proffered for their neutralization.

So I have a suggestion to whoever cares.  I suggest that we just abolish the PNP and the other law enforcement agencies and ask these vigilantes to take over.  They appear to have a much much better intelligence network and far far more capable operators that they remain so many steps ahead of the inutile Philippine National Police and the rest of the government…

That way, we will even save millions in salaries of law enforcement people because the vigilantes do it for free.  Or do they?


  1. If we abolish the PNP in favor of vigilantes, good for Pulis na Pogi then. He'll have more time to pursue his other interests.
    Where do I volunteer to be part of this vigilante group? I have a couple of targets.

    1. Sige maam! PM mo sa akin ang CP number mo. Hahahahaha!

    2. Sige, Sir. Yayain mo na rin akong magkape :-)


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