Thursday, October 27, 2016

JR Rosales: RIP (Rest in Philippines)

I would have liked to wait a bit longer for my first full-length article in the Duterte administration but I cannot allow this incident pass without a comment.  In the wee hours of the morning yesterday, JR Rosales was murdered in cold blood by riding in tandem killers.

What makes his story stand out is that he is the second in his family in a span of a few months to suffer the same fate.  Last July, his sister Lauren was also killed in the same fashion.  What took my attention is that from the reports, there appears to be very little or no probability at all that they are in anyway involved in illegal drugs although for Abante Tonite, Lauren is a “Lady Pusher.”

As a policeman, this saddens me no end—actually disgust is the more appropriate word.  Let us presume that the siblings are drug pushers.  Is killing them in cold blood the solution?  Does it not place us in the level of Edgar Matobato?  Is murder the correct solution to problems just like the way Duterte—and the Ampatuans—advocate?  Dapat nga ba syang patayin?

In the PNP Academy, it is taught “THE POLICE IS THE WALL THAT SEPARATES ANARCHY AND PEACE.”  I would like to believe that the same is also taught in the PMA albiet referring to the AFP.  But why is it that top PNP generals now apparently keep quiet about the wrongs going around us?  Alangan namang hindi na nila alam kung ano ang tama at kung ano ang mali?  In a past article, I took to task the PNPAyers.  Now I want to ask the generals at the top tier of the PNP:  where has COURAGE, INTEGRITY, and LOYALTY gone?  Will you allow this to continue?

In strictest and most basic terms, the job of the PNP is straightforward and the PNP mission can be summarized in one sentence:  The police should prevent crimes and solve it if they occur.  To do this, there is only one way:  remove criminals from mainstream society either by killing them or jailing them.  Now here rises the complication.  For a magaling na pulis (like Pulis na Pogi, ehem ehem), killing is the easy way.  As succinctly illustrated since July 1, 2016, killing is as simple as ABC.  (Here is an example of a real-life police rubout/salvage/latag.  This is even the "harder" method of killing compared to the "riding in tandem style" which is far far easier.)  Policemen kill suspects and simply state that they are drug dealers who fought back during a buy bust operation.  End of story.  No investigations, no complications.  But this is also how vigilantes deal with drug dealers and to date, they had killed as many as the policemen did.  This is also the way Edgar Matobato dealt with criminals in Davao City in his heydays.

The other choice, jailing criminals is an entirely different animal.  Hindi kaya maraming PNP Generals ang hindi marunong nito kaya patay patay na lang ang choice nila?  Hindi kaya wala pa silang experience dito?  Hindi kaya hindi talaga alam ng maraming heneral kung paano?  Obviously, Matobato cannot send anyone to jail.  Sa tanga nyang sumagot sa mga napakasimpleng tanong na hindi nya makumbinsi ang mga nagtatanga tangahang senador, then he has zero chance of convincing a wise and highly learned judge to send anybody to jail.  Obviously, the other vigilantes also do not have the knowledge to operate within the bounds of the law so they opted to join the criminals outside it.  Ganun na rin ba ang mga pulis ngayon?  Wala tayong kakayahang magpakulong kaya patayin na lang natin?  Gaya ni Rowena Tiamzon, sasabitan na lang natin ng cardboard?

JR Rosales, we take comfort in the fact that you are again with your sister Lauren.  Additionally, ang mga magagaling na pulis (like Pulis na Pogi, ehem ehem) also take comfort with the fact that the prescription for murder is 20 years.

You and your sister— and Rowena Tiamzon and many others—will have justice.

God willing...

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