Sunday, October 30, 2016

Drugs: The Davao City Myth?

I was browsing the internet and whiling away my time when suddenly I came across this:

It is a copy of the PRO11 report regarding their OPLAN TOKHANG accomplishments covering the period July 1 to 10, which is basically the first 10 days of the Duterte presidency.  What caught my attention is the number of surrenderees under DCPO which I presume is Davao City Police Office, the police office of the Holy Land:  They have 1,308 surrenderees. 

My first thought was, “Oh, so there are also drug users in Davao City?”  So I dug further and found that as of October 12, Sun Star Davao reported that the number of surrenderees in Davao City is already 9,322.

I then looked around a bit more and found in Sun Star Manila that the number of drug surrenderees nationwide as of September 1 is at 627,358. 

Out of curiosity, I examined the ratio of the drug surrenderees vs the population and found this:
So—after all the hype—Davao City appears to be statistically no different from the rest of the country with only 5 percentage points distinguishing it from the national figure.



  1. Whoever bought the Davao City as Duterte’a proof of concept is:
    1. Haven't been to the city,
    2. Lives there and never been to other places for comparison,
    3. Lost his/her brain somewhere,
    4. Plain stupid, or
    5. WTF

  2. Palagi naman akong bumibisita, Sir PNP e, kahit saang banda pa ako ng mundo.

  3. In discussions, I basically told Duterte die hards the same things and a lot of them angrily asked me if i've been to Davao. I said, yes and it's nice like several other Philippine provinces that I've been to. I added that I've been to a lot more cities all over the world and Davao never struck me as a place that I would want to emulate.

    1. Buti buhay ka pa? Hahahaha! Salamat sa visit sir and keep on commenting!


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