Monday, October 31, 2016

Ayos lang yan habang hindi ka pa tinatamaan…

“I like President Duterte’s drug war campaign, especially if it will help us get rid of drug addicts, recidivists and rampant pushers. But my son is innocent.”

Those words came from a crying retired SPO4 Alfredo Jebulan of Rizal Police Intelligence Office whose son was gunned down a kilometer from their house by unknown assailants while having a night out with friends.  His case is no different from the case of Myrin Rodriguez of Muntinlupa whose husband was killed by masked men who barged into their house in the middle of the night while they were sleeping with their 14 year old daughter and 10 year old son.  According to Rodriguez, they were members of the Iglesia ni Cristo thus they voted for Duterte.  These stories and more abound nowadays:  that of supporters of Duterte’s anti-drugs war who became casualties themselves.  Every single one of them professed to their innocence.

When the death of Jebulan first came out in the news, I was able to get a snap shot of the reaction of Facebook user Win Win.  He said, “12mn.  Dpt tulog na ehhhh keya na didisgrasya 12mn nasa labas pa..”

I was so incensed when I read his comment that I downloaded the pictures of his family and workmates and all warned them not to go out at midnight lest they risk of “disgrasya” according to Win Win. I asked him, "So, death sentence na pala ngayon pag 12mn nasa labas ka pa?  Saan bahay mo?  Siguraduhin mo lang na ang mga mukhang ito ay hindi namin makita sa labas after 12 mn ha?"  I posted another picture of his family and his workmates with essentially the same message.

He promptly deleted his post and blocked me.

Win Win, is presumably another supporter of Duterte's "War on Durgs."  Ayos ang lahat basta hindi sila kasali sa mga tinatamaan.  Pero pag sila na ang ilagay mo sa firing line, takbo na agad.  Parang yung sinabi lang yan ni Mike Tyson:


  1. Sir PNP, I understand your anger at Win-win’s (now Loss-loss) comment. His/her kind is dime a dozen. But please consider the impact of what you did - posting his family's picture. His stupidity is his and his alone.

    1. Salamat sa concern mo kay Win Win maam. Pero maganda yang maramdaman nya rin kung paano malagay sa line of fire. Pasalamat nga sya maliliit na pictures nya lang ang inilagay ko e.

      Salamat sa visit maam!


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