Monday, October 31, 2016

Ayos lang yan habang hindi ka pa tinatamaan…

“I like President Duterte’s drug war campaign, especially if it will help us get rid of drug addicts, recidivists and rampant pushers. But my son is innocent.”

Those words came from a crying retired SPO4 Alfredo Jebulan of Rizal Police Intelligence Office whose son was gunned down a kilometer from their house by unknown assailants while having a night out with friends.  His case is no different from the case of Myrin Rodriguez of Muntinlupa whose husband was killed by masked men who barged into their house in the middle of the night while they were sleeping with their 14 year old daughter and 10 year old son.  According to Rodriguez, they were members of the Iglesia ni Cristo thus they voted for Duterte.  These stories and more abound nowadays:  that of supporters of Duterte’s anti-drugs war who became casualties themselves.  Every single one of them professed to their innocence.

When the death of Jebulan first came out in the news, I was able to get a snap shot of the reaction of Facebook user Win Win.  He said, “12mn.  Dpt tulog na ehhhh keya na didisgrasya 12mn nasa labas pa..”

I was so incensed when I read his comment that I downloaded the pictures of his family and workmates and all warned them not to go out at midnight lest they risk of “disgrasya” according to Win Win. I asked him, "So, death sentence na pala ngayon pag 12mn nasa labas ka pa?  Saan bahay mo?  Siguraduhin mo lang na ang mga mukhang ito ay hindi namin makita sa labas after 12 mn ha?"  I posted another picture of his family and his workmates with essentially the same message.

He promptly deleted his post and blocked me.

Win Win, is presumably another supporter of Duterte's "War on Durgs."  Ayos ang lahat basta hindi sila kasali sa mga tinatamaan.  Pero pag sila na ang ilagay mo sa firing line, takbo na agad.  Parang yung sinabi lang yan ni Mike Tyson:

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Drugs: The Davao City Myth?

I was browsing the internet and whiling away my time when suddenly I came across this:

It is a copy of the PRO11 report regarding their OPLAN TOKHANG accomplishments covering the period July 1 to 10, which is basically the first 10 days of the Duterte presidency.  What caught my attention is the number of surrenderees under DCPO which I presume is Davao City Police Office, the police office of the Holy Land:  They have 1,308 surrenderees. 

My first thought was, “Oh, so there are also drug users in Davao City?”  So I dug further and found that as of October 12, Sun Star Davao reported that the number of surrenderees in Davao City is already 9,322.

I then looked around a bit more and found in Sun Star Manila that the number of drug surrenderees nationwide as of September 1 is at 627,358. 

Out of curiosity, I examined the ratio of the drug surrenderees vs the population and found this:
So—after all the hype—Davao City appears to be statistically no different from the rest of the country with only 5 percentage points distinguishing it from the national figure.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Suggestion: Replace the PNP with Vigilantes

My last article elicited concern among my friends.  They pointed out that I am insinuating that the killings of the Rosales siblings are government initiated and that they are drug related or at the very least, part of the current “war on drugs.”  Well, if Abante Tonite is to be believed, then yes it is drug related especially in Lauren’s case.

What remains to be clarified then is if I believe that this pair of murders—and the many others—are government initiated or sanctioned.  Well, here it is:  Yes, Pulis na Pogi believes that most of these killings are government initiated and sanctioned.  Again to clarify, I am referring to the riding-in-tandem style vigilante murders though I also believe that many of the so-called encounters that resulted from anti-drug operations are also cold-blooded murders.  But that is a subject for another article in the future and let me focus on the vigilante style killings.

Since furor first arose about vigilante killings, both the President and the Chief PNP had been consistent in their denials and non-sanction of the activity.  The latest of these denials was made by the President last week.  But what gives?

When the Odicta couple were killed in cold blood, Duterte immediately claimed that they were “targets.”  Targets of whom, he did not clarify however.  Until now, no suspects had been identified in the slayings though a perfunctory investigation was initiated by the PNP.  Rappler reported “On the day the suspected drug lord was killed, Duterte explained that Odicta "was really being hunted."  Sought for comment about the Odicta slay, Duterte said on August 29: "That is not my problem. He is wanted, and he is the number one drug lord."”

Following the logic of the President, granting that the Odictas were real big time drug dealers and targets for neutralization by the PNP, then there is a group or groups of people that are far better than the government in general and the PNP in particular because they are able to neutralize this couple before the government and the PNP did.  And they are so good that it appears that the PNP is afraid to touch them with a 10 foot pole because until now, none of them had been made answerable for the crime that carries the same, if not heavier, penalty than drug dealing.  In the Senate investigation, the Chief PNP admitted to their existence, yet no concrete plan was proffered for their neutralization.

So I have a suggestion to whoever cares.  I suggest that we just abolish the PNP and the other law enforcement agencies and ask these vigilantes to take over.  They appear to have a much much better intelligence network and far far more capable operators that they remain so many steps ahead of the inutile Philippine National Police and the rest of the government…

That way, we will even save millions in salaries of law enforcement people because the vigilantes do it for free.  Or do they?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

JR Rosales: RIP (Rest in Philippines)

I would have liked to wait a bit longer for my first full-length article in the Duterte administration but I cannot allow this incident pass without a comment.  In the wee hours of the morning yesterday, JR Rosales was murdered in cold blood by riding in tandem killers.

What makes his story stand out is that he is the second in his family in a span of a few months to suffer the same fate.  Last July, his sister Lauren was also killed in the same fashion.  What took my attention is that from the reports, there appears to be very little or no probability at all that they are in anyway involved in illegal drugs although for Abante Tonite, Lauren is a “Lady Pusher.”

As a policeman, this saddens me no end—actually disgust is the more appropriate word.  Let us presume that the siblings are drug pushers.  Is killing them in cold blood the solution?  Does it not place us in the level of Edgar Matobato?  Is murder the correct solution to problems just like the way Duterte—and the Ampatuans—advocate?  Dapat nga ba syang patayin?

In the PNP Academy, it is taught “THE POLICE IS THE WALL THAT SEPARATES ANARCHY AND PEACE.”  I would like to believe that the same is also taught in the PMA albiet referring to the AFP.  But why is it that top PNP generals now apparently keep quiet about the wrongs going around us?  Alangan namang hindi na nila alam kung ano ang tama at kung ano ang mali?  In a past article, I took to task the PNPAyers.  Now I want to ask the generals at the top tier of the PNP:  where has COURAGE, INTEGRITY, and LOYALTY gone?  Will you allow this to continue?

In strictest and most basic terms, the job of the PNP is straightforward and the PNP mission can be summarized in one sentence:  The police should prevent crimes and solve it if they occur.  To do this, there is only one way:  remove criminals from mainstream society either by killing them or jailing them.  Now here rises the complication.  For a magaling na pulis (like Pulis na Pogi, ehem ehem), killing is the easy way.  As succinctly illustrated since July 1, 2016, killing is as simple as ABC.  (Here is an example of a real-life police rubout/salvage/latag.  This is even the "harder" method of killing compared to the "riding in tandem style" which is far far easier.)  Policemen kill suspects and simply state that they are drug dealers who fought back during a buy bust operation.  End of story.  No investigations, no complications.  But this is also how vigilantes deal with drug dealers and to date, they had killed as many as the policemen did.  This is also the way Edgar Matobato dealt with criminals in Davao City in his heydays.

The other choice, jailing criminals is an entirely different animal.  Hindi kaya maraming PNP Generals ang hindi marunong nito kaya patay patay na lang ang choice nila?  Hindi kaya wala pa silang experience dito?  Hindi kaya hindi talaga alam ng maraming heneral kung paano?  Obviously, Matobato cannot send anyone to jail.  Sa tanga nyang sumagot sa mga napakasimpleng tanong na hindi nya makumbinsi ang mga nagtatanga tangahang senador, then he has zero chance of convincing a wise and highly learned judge to send anybody to jail.  Obviously, the other vigilantes also do not have the knowledge to operate within the bounds of the law so they opted to join the criminals outside it.  Ganun na rin ba ang mga pulis ngayon?  Wala tayong kakayahang magpakulong kaya patayin na lang natin?  Gaya ni Rowena Tiamzon, sasabitan na lang natin ng cardboard?

JR Rosales, we take comfort in the fact that you are again with your sister Lauren.  Additionally, ang mga magagaling na pulis (like Pulis na Pogi, ehem ehem) also take comfort with the fact that the prescription for murder is 20 years.

You and your sister— and Rowena Tiamzon and many others—will have justice.

God willing...

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