Saturday, April 09, 2016


 Now that the shit hit the fan, Alex Tagum is left standing on his own—all alone. 

I am seething with rage upon reading the article today in Inquirer with title “PNP Chief:  Order was to clear the highway.”  This was the Chief PNP echoing the palusot of the Regional Director, General Noel Armilla  (General at hindi Chief Superintendent kasi hindi sya pulis!  Bwisit!) who admitted giving the order TO CLEAR THE HIGHWAY but added that “THE DECISION TO DISPERSE THE PROTESTERS WAS “TAGUM’S AND TAGUM’S ALONE.”

Here is now the challenge for General Armilla:  Show us your method of clearing the highway without dispersing the protesters.  I would love to place him in the shoes of the cops being beaten by the protesters and his SCHOOLMATES forming the CDM contingent.  Hindi kaya mas malaking massacre and nangyari pag nagkataon?

 The Kidapawan incident is clearly a failure of leadership at the regional level.  In plain and simple language:  it is the fault of Armilla for failing to take control of the situation.  Here are the reasons why:

1.      The protest is already three days old and the number of protesters is estimated at around 6,000.  Happening in Cotabato, being an NPA infested area, it is then not far-fetched to assume that the protesters are already infiltrated by the leftists, whose objective is naturally to provoke violence. 

2.      Now, Cotabato PPO, by my estimates will not have more than 1500 personnel province-wide.  From this number, I estimate that Kidapawan CPS will have no more than a hundred men.  And the PPSC of Cotabato will be lucky if it has more than 200. From these figures, it is obvious that the requirement to form a credible CDM contingent to face the 6,000 strong protesters is beyond the capability of Cotabato PPO.  Armilla should have seen this if he is a TUNAY NA PULIS and mustered personnel from other provinces and if necessary, from other regions, to ensure that the CDM contingent has enough manpower to maintain control of the situation.  Kaso hindi nga sya pulis e kaya hindi nya nasubukan mag CDM.  Ang nasubukan nya ay ang trabahong “ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, BUT NEVER OUTFOUGHT!”  Ayun, ibinigay nya ang order to clear the highway even without asking if the unit has the capability to carry out his order.  Akala nya kasi musang ang kailangan…

PC Rangers

(Click on the image to get the whole picture and go to the page!) 

3.      Tama si Chief PNP when he asked his Generals in the last Command Conference in Davao:  “Gentlemen, is there anyone of you here who had seen an INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION PLAN?”  Clear as day, General Armilla did not have one.  I doubt if he had ever seen one in his life.

4.      And he has the gall to blame “Tagum and Tagum alone?”  Ok yan General kung ang parating mo bilang RD ay ibinigay mo rin kay “Tagum, and Tagum alone.”

Hindi pulis ang General na ito.  And in fairness, hindi rin ito military gaya ng AFP.

Siya ang General ni Praybeyt Benjamin…


Postcritpt:  Watch the drone video here which is the uncut version of the events.  Tagum and the rest of the policemen in Cotabato should be commended instead of condemned.  They fought not unlike the 300 led by Leonidas against the army of Xerxes.  To those who had watched the movie, I think you know who Xerxes is in the Kidapawan incident!  (Hint:  Bakla!)


  1. ang pagbabalik ni sir PNP...malaman at may tama! Sino kaya si PVT BENJAMIN?

  2. Kawawa ang mga pulis. Parang ang new normal ay isisi sa mga pulis ang pangyayari at hindi sa mga taong nagbarikada sa gitna ng mahalagang kalsada ng Kidapawan. Oo granted na konti ang CDM. Oo, dinesperse nila ang mga nagbarikada kasi nga wala sa ayos, bakit nila hinarangan. Sino ba talaga nagorganisa nito?

    Logistically, planado na ito kasi alam yung strength ng CDU ng Kidapawan, na maooverwhelm ito at magmamatigas ang local leaders sa mga nagbarikada kasi nga karamihan hindi sa kanilang lugar yung protesters, "hakot system" ang nangyari, mga binolang mahihirap para kumuha ng bigas sa Cotabato.

    Ito ang dapat talagang imbestigahan. Parangalan ang mga pulis kasi vita life ng city na iyon ang highway and they could protest all they want, but not impinge on the right of others to live in a peaceful, unhindered commercial activity. Kidapawan was under siege that day from the protesters.

  3. The Lady from the NorthMonday, April 11, 2016 8:31:00 PM

    If the drone video is an accurate documentation of what happened (I wish there is an uncut version), I wonder why I haven't seen this before. All I saw in my social media feeds are criticisms on the brutality of the police during dispersal. This is the only place I've seen a contrary opinion on.


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