Monday, October 05, 2015

Kababawan, Kinubabawan, Kalibugan

First it was Lea Salonga who voiced out her opinion about us Filipinos.  She said:

ALDUB fans immediately reacted, though they were not mentioned explicitly by Lea.  Teka, di ba parang  may kasabihan tayo na “Mukhang guilty?”  I think that was exactly what it was.  Naturally, Lea evaded the issue altogether.  She must have been telling the truth that her tweet was not about ALDUB—or she immediately saw the futility of arousing higher ambitions in the 26 million-strong ALDUB Nation whose de facto President is Joey de Leon.  How could you argue with someone whose line of reasoning is like this?


Next to point out our kababawan was National Artist F Sionil Jose.  While technically Jose had been at it since time immemorial in ranting about the negative traits of the Filipinos, he once again hammered it home when he spoke at the special screening of the movie Heneral Luna in Glorrieta on September 26, 2015.  In his exact words, “we are sobra nang yabang.  Mayabang na mayabang ang Pinoy.  Number two, as if corollary to that, we are very shallow.”  While many criticized Jose for the sweeping generalization, only a few can actually argue with the fact that the observation came from a very old man who can definitely say “been there, done that” with authority.  E talaga naman muntik nang langawin sa takilya si Hereal Luna a.  And very tellingly, maraming estudyante ang hindi alam kung bakit nakaupo lang si Apolinario Mabini sa buong pelikula!

Anong sabi ni Jose Rizal?  Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay sobrang nakatingin sa tuwid na daan?  Hahahaha!

As for a blogger like me, what argument can I better proffer than present statistics from the blogging community?  In, I registered this blog in the Government and Politics category and I usually maintain a Top 5 standings.  The top blog in this category is, a human rights portal.  But if you click the “Show all,” HRONLINE suddenly plummets to 100+ rankings with the top 10 dominated by blogs dealing in matters that I cannot identify with.  Not that I think that I see lifestyle, travel, and leisure issues as inferior to politics but that the ranking of a human rights watch blog landing outside of the Top 100 is a bit surprising in a country that prides itself as one of the freest in the world.

The suddenly last week, we were shocked by these videos of young ladies dancing in an LP gathering:


Make no mistake about it:  I am not against the dance routine of these ladies and their job in general as I believe that it is a clean way of earning a living.  It was the ones who invited them that I would like to put to task because of their failure to see the inappropriateness of the dance routine to the event.  But that event is not the first nor will be the last actually:

It would have been a non-issue if it was a private party shielded from the general public but with it landing on the papers because of the INVITED media?  No matter how they make their palusot that it was a private birthday party and not an LP event, we the ordinary people know better—which should be the OTHER WAY AROUND.  Well, just like everything else in kalibugan!

Tuwad na Daan

And this is the party that wants us to believe that we had been treading the straight path in the previous six years and would like to continue leading us in the next six?

Ever wondered why 100 million na tayo ngayon?


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