Friday, September 25, 2015

Tanim-bala Scam

Here are two of the alleged perpetrators from an ABS-CBN report:

And here is the ABS-CBN report:

It is very disheartening that the malaise of people taking advantage over other people seems to have blown out of control in our country.  In this particular case, the people involved are just LOWLY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES and the victims are one of the most valuable resources that this country can use more of:  THE TOURISTS and OFWS passing through NAIA.

This brings to mind two articles that I wrote almost exactly one year ago in response to the PNP bashers in the aftermath of the infamous EDSA HULIDAP.  My bottomline is that our country--our society--is the one broken and not just a sector or group or individuals.  Here are my articles and I still weep for MY COUNTRY as I read it today just as I wept for MY COUNTRY when I wrote it a year ago.

A Nation of Liars (and Cheaters, and Thieves, and …)

Who will protect Filipinos from crime syndicates inside the PNP? 

God help the Philippines!


  1. There are a lot of good police officers out there. The few scalawags must be arrested and imprisoned. These few policemen destroyed the reputation of the entire PNP as an institution.


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