Tuesday, September 08, 2015

HPG at EDSA: Another argument against the entry of HS grads to the PNP

HPG at EDSA:  Another argument against the entry of HS grads to the PNP

In the almost-desperate search for solution to the traffic mess that we are in, PNoy personally came up with a solution:  Deploy the HPG in EDSA.  For the moment, I will reserve my comments on the technical rigors of this directive and focus this article to another opportunity to shore up the argument against the entry of HS grads to the PNP.  How?

If we compare the HPG personnel with the MMDA traffic control personnel currently deployed in EDSA, the HPG have only one distinct difference:  they are armed!

It cannot claimed at this point that they are better trained for the job and the best evidence is that before they are deployed on Monday, September 7, they were made to undergo a refresher course on RA 4136!  Hahahaha!  

Now what do this has to do with the current debate on the admission of HS graduates to the PNP?  A great deal actually.

First off, the most obvious question is that, “Why not arm the MMDA personnel if the only advantage of the HPG personnel over them is that the latter are armed while they are not?” and the obvious answer is that arming a person and giving him the authority to use it as part of his job is not that simple!  It needs longer and more comprehensive and wide-ranging training than retraining the already armed HPG personnel with the current traffic laws.

This is despite the fact that if the decision is made to arm the MMDA personnel, they only need to know two to three other laws aside from RA 4136 and not the whole criminal procedures and laws!  Of course, the most indispensable of these all is the force continuum in the escalation in the use of force and its legal basis found in the RPC and RCP.

But the police needs to know the whole nine yards:  RPC, RCP, Special Laws, the practical application of the laws governing the use of force, etc, etc, etc.  The situations that they may be confronting are also as daunting:  violent crimes, domestic situations, public safety concerns, and a whole lot more.  

According the Congressman Sam Pagdilao, himself a PNP general there is such as thing as authority that emanates from the barrel of the gun.

So are we going to give this responsibility to HS graduates?

High School pa more?


This situation does bring up one opportunity for high school graduates.  Why not strengthen the enforcement unit of LTO and make them armed law enforcement officers?  Likewise, why not do the same to the MMDA traffic personnel?  That way, there will be specifically dedicated and fully capable personnel and units that can be called to enforce RA 4136 without further encumbering the already overworked PNP.  Considering that this job will be specialized and focused only in traffic, they might as well try the high school graduates here!

Thus, no more palusot!

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