Monday, August 24, 2015

Death Panalty: Cop vs Judge...

Naisip ko lang bigla ito about allowing high school grads to join the police force:

Judge:  has the power of life and death over people before their sala.  Qualification:  Law degree (10 years of study after high school, MCLEs, and thousands of hours of experience).  But before he decides on the death penalty over a person (when it was still legal), he needs years of hearing the facts.

Judge Jimmy Santiago aka SPO4 Jimmy Santiago.

Police Officer:  With the equipment he carries, sometimes, he has just seconds to decide whether to take a life or not.  Now seriously, will you give this responsibility to a 17 year old high school graduate?


This happens even to veterans:  Wrong appreciation of information and seconds only to make a decision to shoot or not.  Make a wrong decision and a policeman may end up in jail just like these guys who killed a colleague by mistake:

But at the other end of the stick is the fact that if a policeman appreciates a situation wrong, he could be the one who can end up getting killed:

So, high school graduate pa more?

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