Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Best Man Won!

A little over a year ago (April 4, 2014), I posted this paragraph in the article “Of Competence and School (Fried Chicken vs Crispy Pata, Part II)”

“But there are also highly competent PMA officers that are in the sidelines because they are not in the inner circle of the current Chief PNP.  Well yes, many were promoted to generals but they were not given positions commensurate to their skills.  Being left out in the cold does not happen exclusively to PNPAyers.  There is PCSUPT Ricardo Marquez (PMA 82), probably the most intelligent officer in the PNP today (maybe save for a few like PSSUPT Gumban and PSSUPT Gaerlan, both PMA 85).  Marquez, with all his qualifications (Purisima will look like a bumbling PO1 if placed side by side with him), is the best Chief that the PNP may never have.  Well for one, he comes across as snobbish and does not like to lick boots and behinds…”

(Photo grabbed from Rappler)

Oh how happy am I to be actually proven wrong.  While I am now eating crow, it is the tastiest crow I have eaten so far.

As Director General Marquez himself stressed it, being the Chief PNP is a matter of
destiny and for so long it had been the case, including his.  But his’ has one very telling difference:  he had not actually figured in the race until the last minute (well, two weeks to be exact and the time of reckoning is obviously the dismissal of Chief Superintendent Petrasanta) and this difference had one offshoot:  while the others were jockeying for the top post, he had been quietly plodding hard in the sidelines, that when the time came, he stood out as the most prepared guy—being the most hardworking and consequently the most visible ground commander in the most significant national events in 2014 and 2015:  the INC Centennial, the Papal Visit, and the ongoing APEC Summit.  He had earned the position the hard way, so to speak.  And the crucible actually prepared him for the ultimate.

The sun and the stars really made a rare alignment just for him.  If not for the Werfast and AK47, then Purisima would still be the Chief.  If not for the Ombudsman, then PCSUPT Petrasanta would have been it.  If PNOY hand not expressed his desire to have a CPNP who would outlive his administration, the PDDG Garbo would have been it.  If not for the Mamasapano Report that he made, PDIR Magalong may have been it.  Had Purisima not involved himself in the Mamasapano and erode all his remaining credibility, he may had been successful in pushing for PDIR Boy Vano, one of his closest friends since their PMA days.  But fate would have none of these and insisted on the best guy—for a change.

PDG Marquez laid out his priorities and imperatives in his assumption speech.  We (well at least me) at the rank and file, hope that he delivers especially on the meritocracy that he stressed on himself.

Hail to the Chief!

PS:  I do hope that he takes note of some of the advocacies that I wrote in this blog especially those referring to professionalization and qualification standards.

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