Wednesday, July 22, 2015

That Sampaloc Execution Part 2: "Kill the Guide"

So the cat is now out of the bag:  the execution of tricycle driver Robin Villarosa was indeed a set up.  This is according to a witness named Dagul who was the “alpha” himself.  Dagul was the person seen on the video jumping from the tricycle of Villarosa and later boarded a sedan parked nearby.  He is now under the custody of the NBI and is being processed to be placed under the Witness Protection Program.  Here is the full story from Tempo:

It is quite clear now that indeed, Villarosa was a notorious holdupper and was a subject of special operations of the police.  And a special operation it was:  but one that miserably ignored the procedures outlined in the subject being taught in Intelligence schools: Agent Handling and
Management or the Intelligence Operational Cycle, the type of operation employed to achieve a mission that normally, cannot be achieved legally such as neutralization of a target person or the acquisition of highly confidential information.  This is because the one thing standing out in this developing story is that according to Dagul, PSINSP Salazar promised to pay him P20,000 for the neutralization of Villarosa but in the end, he was only given P2,000.  And here lies the crux.

Step 13 and 14 of the IOC is Payment and Disposition respectively.  Ideally, after the accomplishment of the mission, the Agent—in this case, Dagul—is paid in accordance to the contract agreed upon during the recruitment step (Step 5) and also ideally, made to sign documents relative to the termination of his connection with the special operation.  However, there are pilyo operatives who interchange the term “Disposition” with “Termination” and liberally interpret the latter to mean “Kill the Guide” which is a term very popular with the ISO operatives and a term that dates back to the time of George Washington during the early days of colonization of America.  In this case of the MPD policemen, neither did they pay the agent properly nor “Killed the Guide” so here they are: facing murder charges!

Moral of the story:  Either you pay the alpha properly or terminate him together with the target.  But I always prefer to pay the alpha so that I can use him again and again, aside from the fact that even in this dark world of black bag operations, I still value trust and loyalty.  I will never betray my agent unless he does it first against me--and if he does, then it is already the time for termination.  And here, another time-tested quote should never be forgotten:

Never fall in love with your agent…

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