Wednesday, July 22, 2015

That Sampaloc Execution Part 2: "Kill the Guide"

So the cat is now out of the bag:  the execution of tricycle driver Robin Villarosa was indeed a set up.  This is according to a witness named Dagul who was the “alpha” himself.  Dagul was the person seen on the video jumping from the tricycle of Villarosa and later boarded a sedan parked nearby.  He is now under the custody of the NBI and is being processed to be placed under the Witness Protection Program.  Here is the full story from Tempo:

It is quite clear now that indeed, Villarosa was a notorious holdupper and was a subject of special operations of the police.  And a special operation it was:  but one that miserably ignored the procedures outlined in the subject being taught in Intelligence schools: Agent Handling and

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What you do in training, you do in battle…

Yesterday while browsing facebook, I came across a 5 minute video which is a segment of a police drill.  The video does not show what kind of drill it was but it appears to be a barricaded situation and there are already several casualties lying around.

Immediately, I can see several violations of PNP regulations and SOPs in the police actions but taken

Monday, July 20, 2015

That Sampaloc Execution: My Pulis Take

Now even the kitchen sink is being thrown at the five policemen caught on video shooting a suspect who appeared to have surrendered.

Philippine Star, in its editorial last July 18 screamed “Propensity for Abuse.”

Almost everyone (led by the Commission on Human Rights of course) is screaming for their blood.  Even with the statement of the supposed victim, the policemen seem to gain no sympathy from

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Best Man Won!

A little over a year ago (April 4, 2014), I posted this paragraph in the article “Of Competence and School (Fried Chicken vs Crispy Pata, Part II)”

“But there are also highly competent PMA officers that are in the sidelines because they are not in the inner circle of the current Chief PNP.  Well yes, many were promoted to generals but they were not given positions commensurate to their skills.  Being left out in the cold does not happen exclusively to PNPAyers.  There is PCSUPT Ricardo Marquez (PMA 82), probably the most intelligent officer in the PNP today (maybe save for a few like PSSUPT Gumban and PSSUPT Gaerlan, both PMA 85).  Marquez, with all his qualifications (Purisima will look like a bumbling PO1 if placed side by side with him), is the best Chief that the PNP may never have.  Well for one, he comes across as snobbish and does not like to lick boots and behinds…”

(Photo grabbed from Rappler)

Oh how happy am I to be actually proven wrong.  While I am now eating crow, it is the tastiest crow I have eaten so far.

As Director General Marquez himself stressed it, being the Chief PNP is a matter of