Thursday, June 18, 2015

Top Gear Philippines: Pathological Liars or Plainly Malicious Coños?

I re-read the original Top Gear article because deep inside me, I felt that something is amiss.  It could be because admittedly, I have a simmering rage against Top Gear for their malicious imputations in an earlier article that I have already discussed in this blog.  Here is the link for that article:  (  This is not the first time that I encountered intellectual dishonesty from this publisher.  Or could it have been plain incompetence?  Or just pure malice?  Whatever, here is the screenshot of the Top Gear article:

 The bottomline of Top Gear is basically the same as that of many ignorant Filipino drivers:  “He who bumps another is always at
fault.”  That is how I understand the implication of the phrase “No brainer.”  But as my previous article had succinctly showed, this thinking is flawed.  I did not expect this simplistic thinking from a purportedly number 1 motoring magazine...

But that is not all.  At the second sentence, Top Gear stated,

“You’re travelling at a modest speed.”

As a motoring magazine claiming to be the number 1, this is a malicious play of words to project something that is not.

In the very picture that the Top Gear article used, it can be seen that the road is a highway with a maximum speed limit of 40Kmh tops.  But in that road conditions with pedestrians all over the place, it is definitely not more than 30 and I believe that I can even successfully argue that it is 20.  Now, let us reexamine the damage of the red car:

With this kind of damage na kitang kita naman na sya ang sumagi sa kahit ano or sino pa man ang kanyang sinagi, can Top Gear now say that this car is travelling at a “modest speed?”  Get real people if you are the real journalists that you claim to be.

The next sentence of Top Gear is another intellectual prevarication. The statement, “Suddenly, a vehicle coming from the opposite side of the road hits you while it’s trying to enter your lane.” is not entirely correct.  I can argue that this statement is more accurate, “The red sedan, travelling at a speed over the allowed limit of the road, swerved to the right to avoid the patrol car but nonetheless clipped its bumper with its side passenger door.”

If this Top Gear article is not intellectual dishonesty, then I do not know what it is.  Unless of course Top Gear admits that it does not know what it was writing about.

But for me, I think Top Gear is just no different from its sister publication:

Yes Magazine!  Hahahaha!


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