Sunday, November 09, 2014


Di ko lang mapalampas ito…


I am about to end browsing the internet this afternoon when I chanced upon this post already going viral since last week, November 2:

Eto ang caption:

From a reader/follower: "I'm a foreigner, so please don't post my name. I recently got a flat tire while driving on SLEX. I stopped in the Cabuyao area. Two policemen saw me and offered to help me in exchange for money. But then a SLEX guard also saw me and, without saying a word, proceeded to change my tire. After the tire had been changed by the SLEX guard, the cops wouldn't allow me to leave since they said I had parked illegally by the roadside. They wouldn't let me go until I gave them money. They intimidated me because I'm a foreigner. Shame on these policemen. I just want to thank the SLEX guard who helped me without asking for money."

The sender also said that before the cops asked for money, they made sure first that he was a foreigner. "Can you speak Tagalog?" they asked him. When he said no, they asked again: "So are you a foreigner?" That's when the extortion began.

Then may follow up post pa ang Top Gear:

For the benefit of those asking if the sender was able to take a photo of the cops, we asked him. He said no, and that he wasn't able to get their names. Then we asked if he was really sure those were cops. He said yes, and that they were wearing blue uniforms. We said some traffic officers or even security guards have blue uniforms as well. Then he said: "Wait, I'll google a similar uniform." Then he sent us this photo. "Exactly like this uniform," he said.

Here are my posts in the FB page:
Arnold del Mundo here is the problem in this story: 1. the writer said it is slex. pnp does not deploy, much less patrol slex. bawal yun at may moa with mates and pnp.  only in extraordinary circumstances does the pnp deploy there. 2. it appears that the car is parked in a gravel, so tabi na daan. wala pong guards na romoronda sa kahabaan ng slex. may mga specially deputized enforcers talaga jan at hindi ganyan ang uniform. kung yan naman ay sa gasolinahan, e di sana sa semento nakapark yan.

hindi ko denedeny na maraming kotongerong pulis pero sigurado naman ako na hindi rin malayo na may mga sinungaling na facebook poster gaya nito...taga top gear kayo kamo? e di alam nyo na agasd sana ang mga butas ng kwentong ito...

at hindi pwede magkaroon ng flat tire sa slex na hindi madaanan ng traffic marshals ng mates. sa dami ng patrolya jan. sinungaling ang gumawa ng kwentong ito. try again foreigner kuno. gumawa ng istorya, bobo my retort in my blog.

kung ako huhula nito, ang guard ang may pakana nito. natural pag sumikat ang picture na ito, hahanapin sya at macocommend. ibig sabihin, naisahan ng isang gwardya ang top gear. i have no intention to malign all guards ha pero ambabaw naman kasi ng pagkagawa ng estoryang ito! hindi ito gawa ng isang magaling na tao!


I am seething with rage right now with Top Gear.  As a leading motoring magazine in the country, they should be responsible enough to examine their actions.  I do not mind them criticizing the police and I understand that they might have had really MANY bad experiences with cops because the most common cops that they most probably interact with on a regular basis are the traffic cops which had almost become the face of police corruption.  But to publish stories like this without exercising their editorial rigor, that is foul more than kotong...

That is the ultimate corruption of power!


  1. sir i made a blog myself, nung naging viral eto, nov 3... tama po kayo sir, irresponsible n pamamahayag,..


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