Monday, November 10, 2014

NAPOLCOM: An Outdated Agency (Part 1)

NAPOLCOM:  Outdated agency.  It had already outlived its original purpose.  It should be immediately abolished because it is now irrelevant.

First of a Series

From its website, NAPOLCOM describes its history as:

In 1966, Congress enacted Republic Act 4864 otherwise known as the Police Act of 1966 to provide the foundation for the much needed police reforms in the country.  It created the POLICE COMMISSION (Polcom) “to achieve and attain a higher degree of efficiency in the organization, administration and operation of local police agencies; and to place the local police service on a professional level.”

Since 1966, the Commission had undergone changes in its organizational structure.  It was reorganized in 1972 as the National Police Commission (Napolcom).  Originally under the Office of the President, it was transferred to the Ministry of National Defense in 1975 by virtue of Presidential Decree 765, known as the Police Integration Law.  This Decree also established the Integrated National Police (INP) with the Philippine Constabulary (PC) as the nucleus.  Ten (10) years later in 1985, it was returned to the Office of the President pursuant to Executive Order No. 1040.  In 1989, Executive Order No. 379 placed the INP directly under the “command, supervision and control of the President.”

Sunday, November 09, 2014


Di ko lang mapalampas ito…


I am about to end browsing the internet this afternoon when I chanced upon this post already going viral since last week, November 2:

Eto ang caption:

From a reader/follower: "I'm a foreigner, so please don't post my name. I recently got a flat tire while driving on SLEX. I stopped in the Cabuyao area. Two policemen saw me and offered to help me in exchange for money. But then a SLEX guard also saw me and, without saying a word, proceeded to change my tire. After the tire had been changed by the SLEX guard, the cops wouldn't allow me to leave since they said I had parked illegally by the roadside. They wouldn't let me go until I gave them money. They intimidated me because I'm a foreigner. Shame on these policemen. I just want to thank the SLEX guard who helped me without asking for money."

NAPOLCOM: An Outdated Agency

Series outline

It had been a more than a week now since my last post and I am still stymied by the NAPOLCOM topic that I promised to write about.  This is because of the so many angles that can be tackled about this agency.  The draft is already very long, yet there are still so many sub topics to discuss, thus at this point, one thing is already sure:  this will be another series of articles.  The only thing remaining now is to organize the thoughts into semi autonomous articles thus I think, the working outline of the series will be:

1.        NAPOLCOM:  Outdated agency.  It had already outlived its original purpose thus it should be immediately abolished because it is now irrelevant.  Or at the very least, it needs to be redirected to a more responsive purpose.

2.        NAPOLCOM:  Incompetence personified.  How NAPOLCOM is abetting incompetence and mediocrity in the PNP

3.        NAPOLCOM:  Bed of low-level corruption:  Corruption in the rank and file

4.        NAPOLCOM:  Bed of high level corruption.  NAPOLCOM people in the top tier of the totem pole are not exempted from corruption

I hope you will like this series!