Sunday, November 09, 2014


Di ko lang mapalampas ito…


I am about to end browsing the internet this afternoon when I chanced upon this post already going viral since last week, November 2:

Eto ang caption:

From a reader/follower: "I'm a foreigner, so please don't post my name. I recently got a flat tire while driving on SLEX. I stopped in the Cabuyao area. Two policemen saw me and offered to help me in exchange for money. But then a SLEX guard also saw me and, without saying a word, proceeded to change my tire. After the tire had been changed by the SLEX guard, the cops wouldn't allow me to leave since they said I had parked illegally by the roadside. They wouldn't let me go until I gave them money. They intimidated me because I'm a foreigner. Shame on these policemen. I just want to thank the SLEX guard who helped me without asking for money."