Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude Saga: My pulis take

Break muna uli tayo sa isyung pulis

It had been a while since this story of the dead transgender prostitute broke in the media and I had been keeping my peace.  But now his family insists on personally inspecting the detention facilities of the suspect in Camp Aguinaldo?  (http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2014/10/27/1385033/laude-kin-doubt-pemberton-afp-camp).  This is my pulis take:

First, the Laude family should be reminded that so far, luck had been on their side despite the fact that all this brouhaha started when their kin was killed while in the middle of doing his illegal trade.  They should not push this luck too far.  Otherwise, they will eventually run out of it.

Now let me clarify my statement.  Here is a bit of insider information:  Jeffrey Laude was a gay prostitute rendering his services as a such when he was killed.  His being a prostitute was almost tacitly admitted by the boyfriend himself who, in one interview stated, “Maybe she did offer that guy kind of service, but maybe not enough for him? You ever thought that? Wouldn’t that fit much better to the way he murdered her? As an animal who can’t accept a no,” he said.

Before I continue, let me unequivocally state at this point that I hold nothing against prostitutes.  In fact, my friends know me to be very open minded about it.  Prostitution is not mala en se in my book.  It is just mala prohibita because of the “plastics” in our country.  I firmly believe that a person’s body is his last bastion and society has no business interfering with what he does about it—including selling it—as long as he stays within limits and does not step on the rights of other people.  Because of this belief, I am also pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia.  I have no problem with people selling their bodies for sex.  It is the way they sell it that matters.

Now, whether you agree with me or not, prostitution is a lot more rampant in the Philippines than we care to admit.  Everyday, thousands of transactions are consummated in the country and millions more worldwide.  In many other countries, it is a perfectly legal, regulated, and monitored industry!  Just like any business or industry, prostitution is an economic activity.  There is the producer or service provider on one side and there is the consumer on the other.  For a business transaction to be completed, the seller and the buyer have to agree on common terms.  Now in prostitution, the prostitute SHOULD agree to render the services to the client for a fee and the CLIENT should agree on the amount.  Whatever these services and amounts involved are, they have to be clear to both sides BEFORE the actual act.  Heck, the deal should be closed even before entering the room.  After the door is closed, “NO” had already ceased to be an option UNLESS the client or the prostitute goes beyond the initial agreement. Especially if the payment is already made, the prostitute has to deliver the service agreed upon.

Now back to Laude and the Marine.  According to people knowledgeable about the particulars of the case, the Marine met Laude at the bar and failed to distinguish him to be a he instead of a she.  Making matters worse, Laude tried so hard to conceal the real score.  Now in my book, that is the ultimate blindside of the trade.  In other business dealings, this is called estafa.  In PDAF, this is delivering liquid fertilizer at highly exorbitant prices.  In the PNP, this is presenting non-operational junk instead of fully repaired and refurbished V-150 and rubber boats.  In the illegal drug trade, this is selling tawas instead of shabu.  In legal businesses, people get sued, sent to jail, and sometimes sentenced to death when this happens, just like the case of Napoles, the three senators, and the numerous generals now in jail.  In the illegal trade like drugs however—and in this case, prostitution—retribution and revenge is usually quick, summary, and done right in the streets.  Which is exactly this case.

This is a case of a prostitution transaction gone bad and aggravated by alsohol and should be treated this way.  How many sailors that night parted with their dollars for a night of sex and drunken stupor with the “traders and businessmen and women” of Fields Avenue?  How many prostitutes got killed that night?  Now, is this Laude incident a case to abbrogate the VFA?  The militants and Miriam Santiago should get real!  How many of them will actually be affected if the Americans bring their show somewhere else once again just like in 1992?  Had they actually conducted a census and asked the residents of Subic and Clark if they want the Americans or not in their backyards?  Had they studied the effects of the abrogation to the South China Sea situation?

The case is already in the hands of the proper authorities.  With all the media glare on them, I believe that no official in his right mind will do a hanky panky.  On the contrary, I believe that many officials will actually milk this issue with all the mileage that they can get just like what CS AFP Pio Catapang just did when he feted that soldier-guard shoved by that German boyfriend.  Contrary to the hysterics of the CS AFP, that soldier should not have been commended:  he should have been court-martialed and charged for dereliction for improperly performing his job.  The correct response for that situation is to arrest that German, who, aside from being a foreigner trespassing on our land and meddling in a purely internal affairs issue of our country, had also committed the crime of Direct Assault penalized under Article 148 of the Revised Penal Code.  A person arrested and inquested for Direct Assault needs to post a bail of P12,000 for his temporary liberty!

I believe that the media exposure will force Philippine authorities to stretch the limits of justice to the extent of delivering injustice just to satisfy popular public clamor.  This is not unlike what Daniel Smith experienced in the infamous Subic rape case in 2005.  While many of us may not admit it and even blast me for this statement, I will say it anyway:  that Subic rape case illustrated to the world how cheap and low some of us are and how we had become a nation of liars and cheaters by countenancing these few.  That Subic "RAPE" was actually another prostitution case gone bad and milked for all its worth by the “victim” who in the end settled for that American visa that would have been most probably beyond her reach under normal circumstances!

It has to be stressed that in this whole Laude case, Philippines should even appreciate and be thankful for the full cooperation of the US.  They delayed the departure of the ship where the suspect is a crew and detained him once identified by Philippine authorities as a suspect.  The Laude family needs to be reminded and educated of the fact that up to this point, there is no legal basis yet for the Philippines to arrest Pemberton.  If this case is treated the way other cases are normally treated, presenting Pemberton for inquest at this point will simply result in “RFI” or the so-called Released for Further Investigation.  This is because according to our law books, the time for “hot pursuit” had already lapsed yet the suspect had not been arrested nor came into custody of any Philippine authority.  In terms of conditions for the arrest of the suspect, this case is exactly the same as that of the hazing to death of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde student Guillo Servando earlier this year.  The suspects left the country one after the other during the preliminary investigation and the government was able do little about it because the arrest warrants were not yet issued then!  The Americans could have followed suit and cited that case if they liked to but they did not, showing that indeed, they are abiding by their word of full cooperation.

When another American marine, Major George Anikow was killed by drunken people living in Dasmarinas Village in 2012, did the Americans reacted the way we did?  The suspects were even granted bail despite this video yet we did not hear the same hysterics from the Americans that we do now hear from the Filipinos for the death of a prostitute!


Get real people!  Let justice take its due course.  This is a simple case of either murder or homicide and should be treated as such.  This is not a matter of national security.  This is not a matter of national sovereignty.  And this is definitely not a matter for the abrogation of the VFA!  In my book, the murder of the mother of Cherry Pie Picache is far far more revolting!

Especially the “handlers” of the Laude family, they should rein in the theatrics of the relatives whose biggest loss in the early goings of this case, based on their pronouncements, appeared not to be Jeffrey but the German visa!


  1. Their lawyer shall be disbarred for failing to educate his/client.As of now, there is no legal ground yet for the Philippine to take custody of the suspect pending the result of PI." Dura lex sed lex".

    1. korek ka dyan attorney...

      andami kasing maangas na pinoy, e bobo naman. at yung pagtalon nung kapatid at boyfriend sa bakod? ano yun? kukuyugin nila yung kanong marines? e di nadagdagan ang patay sa mga laude...

      nakakahiya na mga pilipinong ito.

      anyway salamat po sa comment! hahaha

      balik balik lang sa site...

    2. stumbled on your blogsite via FB grooup PNPAyer family and friends. ben following ever since. more .... more....more...

  2. Dapat binaril nung sundalo yung german na tumalon sa bakod. Binastos nya ang bansa natin. Kaso ang umiral na naman ay ang pagiging BobOng pinoy niya. May punto ka pulis na pogi


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