Sunday, October 12, 2014

That God-damned Holdupper...

It had been three days since the news came out about the boy who was robbed of his earnings from selling pandesal and I still cannot make myself write about it.  I am still in a sort of state of denial despite the fact that I actually believed long ago that we had already gone to the dogs.  In fact, I had already written about it recently, (  But the incident is still shocking that I just can’t help the sleeping rage in me awakening once more.

These robbers are the kind of people that, when arrested, I felt no compunction in setting up for them to grab the gun of their escorts or them trying to escape from a moving patrol car that immediately result in their end.

These are the same guys that even if given a chance to turn a new leaf, still backslide to their old ways.  Sometimes I am left wondering if the Concept of Criminal Atavism of Cesare Lombroso is correct after all!

Nevertheless, I hope that the PNP gets the guy and goes this route.

Also with the killer of Cherry Pie Picache’s mom…


  1. parang may duda na yata sa kwento ng bata.........

    1. nagbacktrack na yata ang mga pulis regarding that matter. ganyan po talaga ang first reaction ng mga pulis pag wala silang lead. nakakahiyang aminin pero marami talagang pulis na tamad at incompetent. kaso paano naman sila masisita ng taas sa panahon ngayon e tamad and incompetent din nga naman ang pinaka pinuno?


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