Tuesday, October 07, 2014

General Purisima: A Sad Microcosm of PNoy

General Purisima, insisting that his house is “just an ordinary house,” is a sad reflection of his Boss PNoy in terms of mindset.  Here are pictures of “the ordinary house” as published in the media:



This is very insensitive to policemen especially those beneficiaries of PNP Housing Programs whose units have floor area of less than 30 square meters and bunched in cramped locations.
PNP/AFP housing project in Bulacan.  Photo from:  http://www.pcoo.gov.ph/photos-may2011/photo12-052311.htm


General Purisima’s going as far as opening “that ordinary house” to the media in an effort to convince the public is an even bigger and very cruel affront to Filipinos wallowing in poverty not unlike PNoy insisting that the economy is better with him at the helm by brandishing big economic numbers notwithstanding the fact that what the general population feel are actually rising prices of fuel and commodities, bad security climate, serious credibility issues against top leaders, bad service from utility companies like the MRT, unemployment, brownouts, and many other negativities.

This is also doubly insulting to policemen, who, according to a UNDP study a few years ago, had so many things wanting in both their personal lives and the organization in general.  These problems prompted the formulation of the PNP Reform Agenda.  These are data from that study:  (all slides are from the official PGS presentation in 2009)

Police stations are squatters themselves:

 More than 75,000 PNP personnel are in need of decent shelter:

 60% of personnel are living below poverty line:

 More than 8 out of 10 policemen have salary loans:

 Half of the pensioners do not have regular budget allocation:

 Not even 10% of PNP personnel with dependents are receiving educational assistance:

General Purisima, in insisting that his lifestyle is within his legal capability, seems to have already forgotten the third of the eleven basic leadership principles that his great upperclassman, Marine General Emmanuel Teodosio (PMA Class 72) published in a book in 1982, “The Marine Troop Leaders Guide” which is a basic reference textbook in the Academy.  The third principle states:

Know your Marines and look out for their welfare

General Teodosio exhorts officers to put the welfare of their men before their own.  Among others, he also encourages that officers correct grievances as soon as they surface and remove points of discontent.  This must be among the reasons why General Teodosio became the youngest general of the AFP in 2000.

Granting that General Purisima’s wealth are all from legal sources (meaning that the PNP job can make somebody that rich), then something is very, very wrong with the system—or his leadership—because the welfare of ordinary policemen were not taken care of before their officers.  The RHIP principle will not apply here and will be immaterial because the lifestyle gap between General Purisima and his subordinates is not proportionate to the salary gap between them if this table of salary is to be used:

 Well, General Purisima is no Marines—both in the head and everything below it!



  1. ang ganyang kaordinaryong bahay sana ang pabahay ng gobyerno sa mga pnp/afp

  2. insulto kasi ang sinasabing ordinaryong bahay n yan ni purisima, so anu nlng pala ang twag sa bahay nang housing project n yan para sa PNP, "squatter"?... Nakakainis isipin dahil sa utang n loob ni PNOY kay purisima ay naging bulag n xa kung ano ang totoo at ang tama... Hindi n po bobo ang mga tao ngaun n pwde nilang utuin at sabihin at ngitingitian n parang wla clang gnagwang masama.. Sana manaig ang hustisya at katotohanan.. Kaya nga po napaisip ako kung meron p bang pg.asa ang pilipinas n umasenso kung ganito palagi ang mga tao n nandun sa taas..

    1. hehehe kaya nga isinusulat natin ang mga bagay bagay na ito para hindi natin makakalimutan. malay mo pagdating ng panahon ay maprove na ill gotten ang pera na ginamit sa bahay sa san leonardo. e di pwede nang iforfeit in favor of the government! e di biglang nagkaroon ng magandang training facility or headquarters ang pnp sa lugar na yan.

      salamat po sa visit!


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