Friday, October 31, 2014

PNP-PGS: THAT Highfaluting PNP Program-Part 3

NAGPTD:  Reinventing the Wheel—and Worse

Third of a series

Again from the CPSM Website:
The PNP recognizes the urgency of addressing all key strategic issues outlined in the PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030 and to ensure its institutionalization, the PNP organized a group of people from different civilian agencies to form part of the Multi-Sectoral Governance Council (MSGC) which they called National Advisory Group for Police Transformation and Development (NAGPTD) on September 2, 2011.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

At Last! Substantive Comments from PGS-ITP Fans-Part 2

This is the second part of my article in reply to the comment of reader Pedro Dispalinghado regarding the PGS/ITP article.  In this installement, I will make my point by point reply.  Here are his comments and my replies:

1.        Leadership is far different from management since you were relating Asian Leadership to the issues at hand.

Pulis na Pogi reply:  No argument in item 1.  I agree with Pedro that management and leadership are two different things but let us take a look at the original document where the reason for being and basic premise of the PGS and ITP were derived.  This is the UNDP study in 2005 and this is how the earliest ITP presentations interpreted it:  (This 290-slide version was presented in the Defense Forum Symposium in Camp Aguinaldo in December 15, 2009).


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

At Last! Substantive Comments from PGS-ITP Fans

The latest article regarding the PGS/ITP elicited this comment from reader name Pedro Dispalinghado:

Your article is all good. However, may I put forward some of the issues raised in your article which I personally believe are not appropriate.

1.        Leadership is far different from management since you were relating Asian Leadership to the issues at hand.

2.        ITP is very good, however, it was more geared on project and program management and therefore strategic management of the PNP is not that of focus.

3.        PNP-PGS (PATROL Plan 2030) differs from ITP since it "USES" a tool (the balance scorecard system) to monitor the progress at tactical level up to strategic level.

4.        At this point in time, we cannot say that the PGS system is not working or will not work well. We do not have FACTS on that. If you have astudy/assessment with good "counter-factuals" that clearly describes the failure of the system, then I encourage you to publish it for our reference.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude Saga: My pulis take

Break muna uli tayo sa isyung pulis

It had been a while since this story of the dead transgender prostitute broke in the media and I had been keeping my peace.  But now his family insists on personally inspecting the detention facilities of the suspect in Camp Aguinaldo?  (  This is my pulis take:

First, the Laude family should be reminded that so far, luck had been on their side despite the fact that all this brouhaha started when their kin was killed while in the middle of doing his illegal trade.  They should not push this luck too far.  Otherwise, they will eventually run out of it.

Monday, October 27, 2014

PNP-PGS: THAT Highfaluting PNP Program-Part 2

Second of a Series

PGS Flaw:  Planning for 2030 is Ideal But Unrealistic

According to the CPSM website (, the PNP Integrated Transformation Program, or ITP, “is our roadmap for long-term and lasting reforms in the Philippine National Police.”  From 2006 to 2010, the ITP was implemented and managed by the Program Management Office, an office organized under the Chief PNP himself with the DCA as the Executive Director (  There was a time that the PMO was so powerful in terms of implementation and funding of projects and promotion of its personnel that it was once joked that there were three main lobby groups in the PNP:  the PMAyers, the PNPAyers, and the PMOyers.  That joke came about because during that time (around 2007), there were questions raised as to why there is a need for a PMO when there is already the DPL whose functions are basically similar.  In several lectures of key PMO personnel that I attended, they always stressed that a separate office implementing the ITP is necessary to ensure continuity of the program.  It was always likewise stressed that the PNP-ITP shall remain the same no matter who the Chief, PNP is.

Friday, October 24, 2014

List of Chiefs of the Philippine National Police

For the premise of my next article, I needed to illustrate the evolution of the PNP programs under the various Chiefs of the PNP.  I was greatly surprised to find out that there was no complete list of the 18 Chiefs of the PNP available on the net!  That is, according to Google.

Thus I have to search bits and pieces of news items to find them all and despite that, I still have no complete dates of their respective tenures.  Because of this, I am posting the whole list that I came up with and the available data that I gathered.  I ask the readers to contribute in the comments section the lacking data especially the middle names and make the necessary corrections on the erroneous dates if any.  Salamat po!
Cesar P Nazareno
31 March 1991 
28 August 1992
Raul S Imperial
28 August 1992
6 May 1993
Umberto A Rodriguez
6 May 1993
8 July 1994
Recaredo Arevalo Sarmiento II
8 July 1994
15 December 1997
Santiago Laus Alino
15 December 1997
July 1998
Roberto T Lastimoso
July 1998
Edmundo L Larroza
16 November 1999
Panfilo Morena Lacson
16 November 1999
January 2001
Leandro Mendoza
16 March 2001**
July 2002
Hemogenes E Ebdane Jr
July 2002
23 August 2004
Edgar B Aglipay
23 August 2004
14 March 2005
Arturo Lomibao
14 March 2005
29 August 2006
Oscar Castelo Calderon
29 August 2006
1 October 2007
Avelino Ignacio Razon
1 October 2007
27 September 2008
Jesus Ame Verzosa
27 September 2008
October 2010
Raul Bacalzo
October 2010
9 September 2011
Nicanor Bartolome
9 September 2011
17 December 2012
Alan La Madrid Purisima (DCA)
17 December 2012
15 December 2014

PDDG Leonargo Espina OIC (DCA)
16 December 2014
17 July  2015
PDIR Ricardo Marquez (DO) 
17 July 2015

Thursday, October 23, 2014

PNP-PGS: THAT Highfaluting PNP Program-Part 1

First of a Series

In a previous article ( I mentioned the Performance Governance System (PGS), PNP program currently shocking the daylights out of many police commanders and its obvious disconnect with the realities on the ground as far as funding releases are concerned.  Here are my comments on the other facets of this program.  This will be a series of articles and frankly, I do not know how many because I have so much to say about this program.  So just stay tuned.  However, you will see the topic of the next article at the end of the post.

The PNP-PGS is a PNP program currently spearheaded and managed by the Center for Police Strategy Management (CPSM).  In its website, (, CPSM explains that the

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hero Cop: PSSUPT Wenceslao S. Ornido

A Facebook friend and blog reader Mike Ornido left this text in the Hero Cop page of this blog:
This is my father Police Senior Superintendent (Ret.) Wenceslao S. Ornido, he became a soldier during the Philippine Constabulary days until the merged and transition of PC/INP into PNP.  I always look up to him during my childhood days and I am proud of his service and achievements through the years.

One of the unforgettable story written in his biography was the failed December 1989 coup-de-etat.

"Permission to Command the Troop, Sir" a request addressed to 2 Officers and Senior NCO by then TSG Wenceslao S. Ornido, when they (13 PC/INP personnel), were holding position and surrounded by elements of Rebel Soldiers at the Corinthian Plaza Bldg. in Makati City at the height of the failed December 1989 coup-de-etat. They survived the fierce exchange of gunfire between the rebel soldiers and the defending troops under the direction of Technical Sergeant Ornido.

Earned for himself a fruitful 35 years of service in the military and police organization, attributed to his dedication and perseverance. He lives simply so others can simply live.
Thank you Mike for sharing the story of your father.  Salamat din kay PSSUPT Ornido for the service to the country as a policeman and as Jail Warden of the Provincial Jail of Rizal!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Basic Flaw Exploited for Corruption

Today I was pleasantly surprised that Jarius Bondoc, a columnist known to have a knack for sniffing out simmering anomalies, published my email in his column Gotcha in Philippine Star.

That email is actually an insider’s “tip” and a reaction to his column that last Monday where he exposed the “car rental scam” in PDEA. 

Salamat sa media mileage Sir Jarius.  Dumami hits ng blog ko!  Hahahaha.  Pati CPSM at PNP PCRG ay nag email na rin sa akin at nagbabasa na daw sila ng blog ko.

Anyway, this exposé of Mr. Bondoc is very timely and sigurasong pinsan ito ng current simmering anomaly in the AFP Medical Center:

So why is it that despite all these investigations done relative to malversation of government funds, like the DAP investigations, the NAPOLES fund scam, Malampaya, the V-150 repair scam that sent several generals to detention, it appears that so many people still do not learn the lessons of the past and continue with these shenanigans? 

Answer:  Because they are forced by the system to do it!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

That God-damned Holdupper...

It had been three days since the news came out about the boy who was robbed of his earnings from selling pandesal and I still cannot make myself write about it.  I am still in a sort of state of denial despite the fact that I actually believed long ago that we had already gone to the dogs.  In fact, I had already written about it recently, (  But the incident is still shocking that I just can’t help the sleeping rage in me awakening once more.

These robbers are the kind of people that, when arrested, I felt no compunction in setting up for them to grab the gun of their escorts or them trying to escape from a moving patrol car that immediately result in their end.

These are the same guys that even if given a chance to turn a new leaf, still backslide to their old ways.  Sometimes I am left wondering if the Concept of Criminal Atavism of Cesare Lombroso is correct after all!

Nevertheless, I hope that the PNP gets the guy and goes this route.

Also with the killer of Cherry Pie Picache’s mom…

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

General Purisima: A Sad Microcosm of PNoy

General Purisima, insisting that his house is “just an ordinary house,” is a sad reflection of his Boss PNoy in terms of mindset.  Here are pictures of “the ordinary house” as published in the media:



Sunday, October 05, 2014

A Nation of Liars (and Cheaters, and Thieves, and …)

This title was spurred by a friend who PMed me upon reading my latest article “Who Will Protect the Filipinos from the Syndicates in the PNP?” which is my reaction to an article with the same title written by Atty Dodo Dulay of the Manila Times.  My friend did not agree with me when I stated that “The ordinary Filipino will steal from another ordinary Filipino if given the chance.”  But I stand by my statement.  Moreover, let me add, “Nowadays, the Filipino will lie, cheat, and steal, and scam, and shortchange, and what have you against fellow Filipinos, if given the chance.”  The innate good in man appears to be almost gone in so many of us.  Before you lambast me and rant with your holier than thou attitude, let me just call your attention on the following:

How do we feel about these potholes?  This is from C6, a very beautiful and scenic road built in 2010 around Laguna de Bay from Bicutan to Rizal.  This is my favorite route when I was assigned in Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig.


A year later, it had so much potholes that at times, it is impassable especially during heavy rains.  Wow!  Man had already landed on the moon, and yet our DPWH engineers cannot make a road that will not crack and melt like chocolate at the first rain?  I cannot accept that.  The reason for these cracks is corruption.  Substandard materials were used to compensate for the “tongpats” that everyone knows the contractor shells out for DPWH personnel even before the project starts.  But where is the rage?  Where is the fury?  Where are the denunciations just like the way the EDSA hulidap was denounced? 

Here is a picture from the British media blaring how thieves stole relief goods. 

But more than that, look at how the Filipino attitude of “kanya kanya” and survival of the fittest is starkly illustrated in these photos.

Agawan sa relief goods

Agawan sa MRT

Agawan sa nakawan, mananakaw, at pagnanakaw

Compare this to the way the Japanese dealt with the more devastating Fokushima disaster and it is easy to understand why Japan is the most progressive country in Asia and the Philippines is the doormat.


 Here is the screen shot of Google hits using “Honest Filipinos" as search keywords:
  Compare it with hits of “Honest Japanese,”

“Honest Americans,”

“Honest Thais,”

“Honest Bangladeshis”

 or Honest Spaniards
You will notice that it is only in the Philippines that people returning lost and found items land in the papers!  Does it mean that in other countries, people do not return lost and found items?  Hell no!  In many other countries, surrendering to the authorities lost and found items is still the natural course of things.  It is expected from everyone and not something extraordinary that needs to be publicized!  The only publicized story about the Japanese returning found items was in the aftermath of the killer quake and tsunami that hit it on March 11, 2011.  After about five months, the total amount of returned money reached US$78 million.  Yes you read it right: it is approximately 3.2 billion pesos in cash. 

Compare that to the aftermath of the Yolanda typhoon.  These pictures say it all.


In the photos, it is clear that people are not only after the food but on other items that they CAN AND WILL SELL IN THE FUTURE.  They are stealing now because they can!


Some people may justify this as the result of extreme hunger but I cannot accept that because these people are not stealing for immediate consumption:  they are just taking advantage of the situation because they can!  Relief efforts were already underway when these things happened and many of the looted stores included those selling non-food items like electronics! 

How did we fall into this abyss?  As I said before in a previous article, “Pork:  The Culture of Palusot,” the mentality of the Filipinos nowadays is to make palusot whenever there is a chance.  The ideals of telling the truth no matter what the consequences are already not expected by many even in our schools that when one enforced the ideal, the reaction of the general populace is disbelief.  But what is more disheartening for me is the realization that the Filipinos is already preconditioned to accept that lies are excusable, acceptable, and part of everyday life.  The case of ex Cadet Cudia is a very accurate illustration of this.  Right off the bat, majority of the Filipinos empathized with Cudia.  “Oo nga naman, 3 minutes late lang e bakit nadismiss.”  After the PMA explained that it was not the tardiness that did Cudia in but his lying about it, Filipinos then shifted gears to “Pagbigyan nyo na.  Mas malala naman ang corruption nina Garcia at Ligot kesa diyan sa maliit na kasinungalingan.”  Yen Makabenta, a veteran journalist, and multi-role writer now affiliated with the Manila Times even went as far a saying that “Lying—not part of God’s commandments!”  Can you believe that?  Use Google Yen or talk to your Parish Priest.

What does this say about us?  This clearly shows that lying is an almost accepted part of our culture nowadays.  Thus when a shampoo commercial says “it will make your hair 10 times straighter” nobody stops anymore to notice the bare faced lie for how can you make a straight even straighter!

When veteran journalist Mike Enriquez endorsing ABS Bitter Herbs and Senator Chiz Escudero endorsing Circulan state at the end of their rant "No approved therapeutic claims!" nobody even notices.

When Senator Mirian Santiago shouts in front of the nation, “I lied,” and laugh diabolically about it, she still gets reelected.

Thus, when two Presidents, Cory and PNoy, who made land reform among the centerpiece programs of their administrations, conveniently exclude their sprawling Hacienda Luisita, no credible challenge is being made.

As I said before in my “Pork” article, magnitudes are a matter of perspectives.  A small amount to one may be everything to another.  To General Purisima, he may see nothing wrong with the P2.5 million peso discount given to him by Toyota because well, that is just loose change in his fat treasury but for an ordinary policeman, that is equivalent to 5 years of pay!  This is the same with lying.  Cadet Cudia’s quibbling is nothing for many but for the cadets who were ingrained with the Honor Code right at the very start of their cadetship, that is everything.  And this is also the same for corruption. pork, kickbacks, and other shenanigans that happen all around us.  For Henry Sy, the Ayalas, Lucio Tan, and the other tycoons, contractualization is a normal course of things because well, no law prohibits it.  What the law requires is that workers who continuously render six months of services should be made permanent in status with the attendant benefits.  So how to go around this?  Ensure that contracts are only for five months and the worker goes "endo."  Then, lo and behold, the next day, they are again applying for a new contract--many under new names to further ensure that the law is taken care of.  Neat huh?  If this is not lying--on the part of the tycoons and the workers--then I do not know what it is.

I had another fresh idea today because it is the start of the Bar 2014 exam month.  I had long harbored the idea that the Bar spectacle is another indicator that our society had really lost its directions.  The Bar atmosphere is always a cut above the rest compared to the other licensure examinations in terms of festivities and shenanigans (Including bombing.  Talk about starting ‘em young…).  The way the leading newspapers treat the results is even more stark:  The pictures of bar topnotchers always land in the front pages of the newspapers while the top examinees of the maritime, engineering, teachers, and other “lesser” boards are just mere footnotes buried in the innermost part of the news!  As if it is the pleadings of lawyers that keep the economy afloat and not the remittances of seamen and other skilled OFWs whose exam results are not even published by other newspapers!  Here are the screen shots taken from the Philippine Daily Inquirer website.

(Photo inserted on 16 October 2014)


What is it about being a lawyer that we are so fascinated about considering that the biggest thieves that this country had seen are lawyers?  What is it with lawyers when, if we only stick to the simple doctrine of treating our fellowmen just like the way we want to be treated, the need for them will be so much less?  In one of the latest cellphone videos that went viral on the internet, Atty Bettina Zamora was recorded on video assaulting policemen and traffic constables who were ironically just protecting her well being by preventing her from driving away because she is drunk.

As succinctly explained by the constable, she will endanger herself and others if she is allowed to drive away, given her drunk condition (which I think the ATTORNEY WILL DENY TO HIGH HEAVENS) and the best evidence at that time is the fact that she had already figured in a collision with another vehicle just moments before.  This is also aside from the fact that of course that she is already under arrest for violation of Republic Act No. 10586, otherwise known as the Act Penalizing Persons Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Dangerous Drugs and Other Similar Substances.  But lo and behold, the last time I heard, she was released by the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office for “Further Investigation because there are matters that need to be threshed out in a preliminary investigation."  What does this mean exactly, sila sila na lang na mga abogado ang nagkakaintindihan.  Well, it pays to be a Napoles laywer eh?

And the irony is starkly written at the top of the web page of Kapunan, Garcia, and Castillo Law Offices where she is a Senior Associate:  COURAGE, CHARACTER, COMPETENCE!  Hahahahaha!

But that is not the unkindest cut of all.  MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, another lawyer, has this for advise to his traffic enforcers:  “Sa enforcers, dapat wag patulan. Pero if it borders na on self-defense, ay may danger na to their lives and limbs e kailangang depensahan na nila ang sarili nila,” he said.  This explains why the constables, despite being physically assaulted by Zamora, did not fight back to uphold the majesty of the law!  Subukan mo gawin sa US police ito kung hindi ka makatikim ng kalsada sa mukha mo. 

Liars, este lawyers, anyone?

The Honor Code makes everything simple.  Using two questions that must be both answered with "Yes" all the time, all actions can be easily tested in the ideal world.  The two questions are:
      1.  Did I intend to deceive?
      2.  Did I intend to take undue advantage?

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Who will protect Filipinos from crime syndicates inside the PNP?

Mr. Mike Melchor called me out in facebook to react on this article in Manila Times:

Who will protect Filipinos from crime syndicates inside the PNP?  by ATTY. DODO DULAY

There are criminal syndicates within the Philippine National Police (PNP). That’s an undeniable fact. The involvement of low-level to high-ranking policemen in a number of highly publicized crimes merely confirms what many ordinary Filipinos have known all along.

What is quite shocking about these incidents though is the brazenness with which rogue policemen are committing their nefarious activities. It’s as if they no longer fear being caught, let alone punished, for their misdeeds.

Those are the first two paragraphs of the article and the rest are enumerations of various misdeeds and nefarious activities of policemen.  Read the rest of the article by clicking on the link above.

Now for my pulis reaction:
I have already laid the premises for this article in various past articles in this blog.  First and foremost, I want to point out that it is not only the police that is in disarray right now.  The whole country is.  There is “low intensity anarchy” right now in our midst.  If we have not realized it yet, there is an almost total absence of national security in our country if the National Security Policy 2011-2016 is to be used as basis.  This document was prepared by the National Security Council upon the order of PNoy through Memorandum Order Number 6 shortly after being elected President.  The policy was signed in 2011.

National security is defined as a state or condition where our most cherished values and beliefs, our democratic way of life, our institutions of governance and our unity, welfare and well-being as a nation and people are permanently protected and continuously enhanced.  This concept of national security is actually not an all-original Aquino regime product and I might actually add that it is a very different version of the original that could be reflective of the evolving operational environment.  But for critics, the new iterations (plural because this postulate was also used by IPSP Bayanihan of the AFP) are poor copycats of the original document  highlighting the distinct quality of the NSA heads then and now.  The original theory was