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So the Chief PNP is Digging In?

Every night before I sleep and in the morning before I read the papers, I say a short wish for the PNP that it gets out of this mess soon.  Included in the wish is for the enlightenment of the Chief PNP Alan Purisima.  Inevitably, I wish that Purisima gets enlightenment and resigns immediately.  This is because I believe that this is the only option left for him to salvage whatever remains of his credibility as a policeman and as the leader of the organization at that. 

And everyday, I get disappointed.

There are various reasons that are proffered by his defenders and his talking heads.  PNoy maintains that he still trusts Purisima, and as the President, little can be done about it by anybody.  Many are already enraged by the hardheadedness of PNoy in this issue just like he had been in many others.  I am equally flabbergasted by the impasse but I am not surprised at all.  This is because the way PNoy assesses the performance of Purisima as satisfactory despite so much contrary opinion of the majority is simply reflective of his low standards in his professional life.  One only needs a simple Google search of his track record as a politician to know that he had not been somebody that can really be called competent, disciplined, excellent, and professional.

I chose these four adjectives because these are four of the five thrusts of the reform strategy of Purisima’s tenure as Chief PNP.  The centerpiece project is codenamed CODE P, standing for Competence, Organizational Development, Discipline, Excellence, and Professionalism.  Purisima’s tagline, “Serbisyong Makatotohanan,” which encapsulates the ideals and standards to which all PNP members shall be measured with, was very much highlighted in his assumption speech delivered last December 18, 2012.  Here is the link of the speech from the official PNP website:

Now let us examine Police Director General Alan La Madrid Purisima against these very same standards that he set for all of us:


The basic competencies and qualifications of a policeman are enumerated in Section 30 of Republic Act 6975 which is the enabling law of the PNP.  Item (i) states:

(i) Must weight not more or less than five kilograms (5 kg.) of the standard weight corresponding to his or her height, age, and sex; and

Moreover, this provision was even strengthened by Republic Act 8551 which amended RA 6975.  Section 1 item (j) of RA 8551 has this line:

"(j)  xxx…Provided, That except for the last qualification, the above-enumerated qualifications shall be continuing in character and an absence of any one of them at any given time shall be a ground for separation or retirement from the service: …xxx

Now by simple estimate, Purisima is around 5’7 inches and according to the Standard Height-Weight table, his maximum normal weight is 168 pounds.  Now is he somebody who will pass these standards set by the law?

Let us take a look at some pictures of the Chief, PNP and I will leave you to be the judge of things.


I wonder why nobody is still filing a criminal case against Purisima for continuously violating a Republic Act?  Also, can PNoy's insistence of retaining a person in position even though the latter is in direct violation of the law be used against him?  Perhaps in Congress in an impeachment?  Hahahaha!  Wishful thinking...


Discipline in the PNP is formally codified in PNP DHRDD Manual 0-08-95, a copy of which can be found here:

I will cite the screen shots of the manual for your convenience. 

 Section III.2.12 defines discipline as:

2.12 Discipline- PNP members shall conduct themselves properly at all times in keeping with the rules and regulations of the organization.

One of the instruments used by many uniformed organization in gauging the state of discipline of a member is the Physical Fitness Test.  While PFT may only measure a small part of a person, it is undeniable that PFT, especially in the PNP forces a policeman to be constantly aware of what is happening to his body.  Actually, Section 30, item (c) of RA 6975 requires policemen to be “of sound mind and body” and Section 14 of RA 8551 amended it to read:

"c) Must have passed the psychiatric/psychological, drug and physical tests to be administered by the PNP or by any NAPOLCOM accredited government hospital for the purpose of determining physical and mental health;

However, upon assumption of the Purisima as the Chief PNP, he immediately scrapped the PFT!  Why?  According to another blogger

Nakagawian na natin sa Camp Crame na pangunahan ng CPNP ang bawat PFT subalit si Pogi ay hindi maaaring mag push-up, mag sit-up at lalong hindi nya kayang tumakbo o mag jogging. Ano kaya ang komentaryo ni Failon at Taberna kung mawalan ng malay- tao o himatayin si Pogi habang nagpi PFT?

Para sa inyong kaalaman ay hindi na sya nagpi PFT mula nuong mag Provincial Director sya, Chief ng PACER, Ex-O ng DIDM, Regional Director ng PRO3 at NCRPO at TCDS…puro drawing lamang ang kanyang mga PFT Results.

Does he imply that Purisima will fail the PFT?  What are the standards?  Here is a copy of the PNP Physical Fitness Standards:

For Purisima to pass, he needs to perform a minimum of 11 push ups, 21 sit ups, and run 1Km in 8 minutes.  If he performs all these, he will have a grade of 75% which will then be the borderline passing rate.  Can he not do this that he has to scrap the PFT altogether?  How will the PNP now sanction overweight policemen?

Let us look at some videos of these overweight cops doing Zumba which replaced the PNP!  Click on the picture to play the video from TV5 website.

By the way, I would love to have a copy of any of the PFT results submitted by Purisima when he was still not the Chief PNP (if there are any at all).  I would love to see what he placed there!  So to my fellow PNP members who may have a copy of that document, email it to me and I will post it here!  Hahaha!


I will just cite one skill (because there are so many) where a policeman must be proficient and excellent:  firearms proficiency.  This is so because this is one of the most basic skills and I don’t think that there will be citizens who will accept a policeman who is a boloman—expecially the Chief.

In the last national shooting competition for PNP members held at Tarlac named after him, Purisima placed a dismal number 140 out of the 400 shooters, beaten by lower ranked personnel.  Is this already excellence in his book?

Here is the link of the results and the screenshot for your convenience:


Professionalism in the PNP is also formally codified in PNP DHRDD Manual 0-08-95.

The standard is defined in Chapter III Section 1:

PNP members shall perform their duties with integrity, intelligence and competence in the application of specialized skills and technical knowledge with excellence and expertise.
Elaborating the concept, the manual cited several specific idealisms of professional conduct in Section 2 that included:

2.2 Commitment to Public Interest- PNP members shall always uphold public interest over and above personal interest. All government properties, resources and powers of their respective offices must be employed and used effectively, honestly and efficiently, particularly to avoid wastage of public funds and revenues.  PNP members must avoid and prevent the “malversation” of human resources, government time, property and funds.

Is this Purisima’s interpretation and compliance of this provision?

2.4 Physical Fitness and Health- PNP members shall strive to be physically and mentally fit and in good health at all times. Toward this end, they shall undergo regular physical exercises and annual medical examination in any PNP Hospital or Medical facility, and actively participate in the Physical Fitness and Sports Development Program of the PNP.

So is the scrapping of the PFT Purisima’s interpretation and compliance of this provision?

2.7 Non- Solicitation of Patronage- PNP members shall seek self improvement through career development and shall not directly or indirectly solicit influence or recommendation from politicians, high ranking government officials prominent citizens, persons affiliated with civic or religious organizations with regards to their assignments, promotions, transfer or those of other members of the force, nor shall they initiate any petition to be prepared and presented by citizens in their behalf. Moreover, they shall advise their immediate relatives not to interfere in the activities of the police service particularly in the assignment and reassignment of personnel.

Is this Purisima’s interpretation and compliance of this provision?

Moreover, the Manual also has these provisions in the Police Officers Creed:

2.5 I believe in the responsible dominion and stewardship over material things. I shall inhibit myself from extravagance and ostentatious display of material things. I shall help protect the environment and conserve nature to maintain ecological balance.

Is this Purisima’s interpretation and compliance of this provision?

2.6 I believe in the wisdom of truthfulness. I must be trustworthy and I shall uphold the truth at all times.

Let me again cite this blog in its entirety:
Finally, there are these ideals in Section 3. PNP Stand on Basic Issues

3.5 Delicadeza- In consonance with the requirements of honor and integrity in the PNP, all members must have the moral courage to sacrifice self-interest in keeping with the time-honored principle of delicadeza.

3.8 Setting Example- All PNP members shall set good example to their
subordinates and follow good example from the superiors.

If this is not the textbook example of the saying, “Breaking every rule there is in the book,” then I don’t know what it is!

And he still insists to dig in?


  1. The author of this post might is telling the truth, or might be telling half truth. Why, look at his post:

    1. He is telling that the C, PNP is already overweight. But what photo is he presenting? The photo that he is exercising, hehehe, it means that he was doing something on his situation. Is that enough? You tell me! Kasi ako, mataba din ako, at alam kung mahirap magpapayat. Pero kailangan may effort ka din, kung hindi, talagang hindi na bababa ang weight mo.

    - this is poor photo presentation, you are showing somebody who is exercising because he is overweight, and you are telling this is not good. Dapat pinakita nyang photo ay yong naka slouch lang si C, PNP sa kanyang sofa habang nanonood ng TV. Not you decide, readers!

    2. Tungkol naman sa properties nya. Porket nakuhaan mo ng areial photo ng property nya ay iyon na yon. Did the author bother to investigate and present data about the net worth of both Purisima and his wife. Eh kung may kaya na pala ang wife nya, isn't it a conjugal properties for both husband and wife. Please present a concrete proof na iya ay ill gotten wealth, not just a photo. Present data and investigation reports. This is irresponsible journalism.

    Again, readers, please re think!

  2. Additional post:

    Tungkol naman doon sa position nya sa shooting competition. Hindi din marunong yong nag post nito. Hindi nya alam na sa shooting competition, mga magagaling na shooters ang nag compete. Hindi naman yan fun shoot. Buti nga nag join si C, PNP, para i pakita na marunong pa din siya mag shooting. Kung nakasali ka na ng shooting competition, siguro mas maiintindihan mo ito. Ibig sabihin nga nito, the C, PNP is not monipulating the result by placing himself in the top 10. Isipin mo nalang, ikaw si C, PNP, may time ka pa kaya mag practice kung madami kang inaasikasong problema sa peace and order. Just try to join shooting competition and then tell me kung mapunta ka sa top 10 na kaunti lang practice mo. Baka nasa kolelat ka pa.

    Please think of what you are posting!

  3. I get the drift of commenter Ruben on the need for Pulis na Pogi, or whichever other critic of Purisima, to make sure of the facts (kung nag-eexercise, baka nga nagpapapayat; kung may mansion, baka naman may kaya na yung asawa niya dati). However, we can also make judgements based on empirical evidence, which is akin to circumstancial evidence:
    1. Physical Fitness:
    a) If you are regularly following the PFT, you wouldn't be carrying around a pot-belly like Purisima does.
    b) If you really know that law enforcers must be as fit as possible to be able to run after, to outfight criminals, you would not cancel the PFT - because it will be so easy for many to backslide into exercising a little less, then none at all.

    2. Ostentatious Display of Material Wealth:
    a) OK, technically speaking, Purisima may not have been displaying his mansion in Nueva Ecija. In fact, tinatago niya nga, until discovered by Ted Failon. Failon's initial inquiries in the municipal office showed there was no property in that town registered to Purisima or his spouse. Inexplicably, another government agency much later informed them about Purisima's SALN which now included the mansion. That is "magic" as in the Filipino context - minamagic.

    3. The Author's Frustration with Purisima's Non-Defense on All Allegations:
    I share Pulis Na Pogi's sentiment that if indeed there was no basis to believe that Purisima is corrupt, he should have already come out and defended his name, his reputation, his honor. E wala, kahit nasa lahat ng dyaryo at parating nababanggit sa radyo at telebisyon ang problema ni Purisima. "Silence", like "flight", is a sign of guilt.

    1. hahaha, mismo. naaliw ako sa punto por punto mo a.

      as for the defense, bukas daw aatend na kaya gaya ng laging sinasabi...


      hahahaha salamat sa comment at sa visit!


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