Saturday, September 20, 2014

Policemen: Heroes in Our Own Little Ways...

I would have called it a day today if not for these pictures from the Inquirer website taken yesterday during the height of Typhoon Mario:

I cannot help but feel pride upon seeing these pictures.  All these rescuers are policemen.  Even the guys in camouflage uniforms are cops.  Look at their ballcaps and patches.

Is rescue part of the job description of the PNP?  Yes to some extent.  But more than the PNP, it is the local governments who should be doing these, through the local DRRMCs or Disaster Risk Reduction
Management Councils.  While the PNP is part of the DRRMC, its job there is maintenance of peace and order and not rescue.  The need for the PNP to be on the streets maintaining peace and order was demonstrated in Tacloban during Yolanda.


The rescue job is another agency's job.  But in the end, when everybody is nowhere to be found, when everyone is taking shelter somewhere, or everyone had given up hope, who do you see out there?

Kaso wala ang mga heneral dito.  Actually end na sana ng story pero may asar ako sa picture na ito.

The guys are just using "mind over body" to do their job.  Just like the people that they rescue, they are as much vulnerable to the elements.  They feel the cold, they can drown, and they can get injured. 

Where are the personal protective equipment?  Where is the money to buy these?  At the very least, they should wear a floatation jacket.  Better if they have wet suits to protect them from the cold because while the people that they rescue are already relaxing in the evacuation centers, these guys, again and again, wade back and face the storm head on to continue fulfilling the duty of other agencies

To think that most of these people that they "rescue" are the matitigas ang ulo who should not have built shanties in the danger areas in the first place!

Hell, they are even using the equipment of another agency!  See the MMDA truck at the right side of the picture below?

Many times in the last hour, I am tempted to change the title of this post to "Heroes?  All for What?"

The unknown and the unrecognized shall forever be remembered...

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  1. Saludo sa mga taong kinukutya nat lahat ay handa paring paglingkuran ang bayan, sa mga taong totoong nagsisilbi at nagmamahal sa bayan! God bless mamang Pulis!


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