Monday, September 01, 2014

PO2 Edgar Angel, Another Criminal Who Was Able to Join the PNP

So the PNP solved the murder of race car driver Enzo Pastor.  The motive is straight out of the movies:  love triangle with his wife and an acquaintance as the prime suspects.  But as a policeman, despite the solution of the case, I cannot help but be saddened by the fact that the gunman is a policeman.  Once again, I am reviving my argument for the abolition of the PNP Health Service.  I do not believe that PO2 Angel is a policeman who turned into criminal but rather, he is a criminal right at the very start but was able to join the PNP—a fact that would have been impossible if the PNP Health Service and the PNP Recruitment Boards are doing their job properly.

Criminals joining the police to gain more power and influence are not new.  Not here in the Philippines or anywhere else, much less the United States.  Actually, “Gang Related” a TV action drama series currently
airing on Fox exactly tackles this phenomenon.  In the show, a criminal goes undercover and joins the LAPD to be the inside person of the gang in the police force.

As for the case of PO2 Angel, the PNP should review the recruitment and promotion records of this policeman.  He had been in the service for 14 years so he must have left a trail of shenanigans that could have had him dismissed from the service if not for padrinos.  The PNP should look for these padrinos and hold them accountable for keeping such criminal in the police force.

Most importantly, looking at the pictures of Angel, he is the textbook example of a policeman who was utterly forgotten to be supervised by his superiors for so long:  long hair, unkempt appearance, and what have yous.  It is beyond imagination that a policeman can moonlight as a hitman and big time drug dealer without the knowledge of his superior officers.  If his superiors in Pasay City will claim that they do not know about his activities, then these officers should be fired for gross incompetence.  A hardened criminal is among their ranks and they did not know about it?

Or were they on the take from PO2 Angel?


  1. Spot on. Seems like the PNP has taken hit upon hit in the past few weeks. The shooting of a Security guard and a Bar owner in La Trinidad by a cop who was in drinking spree with 3 other colleagues; the shooting to death of 4 teachers by a cop who also moonlights as a 5/6 agent and of course the involvement of cops in the assassination of Chief Inspector Medrano in Novaliches. Is there still hope?

    1. there is. let us try changing the chief pnp. this is not a joke. the top guy is incompetent...

      thanks for the visit!


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