Friday, September 12, 2014

PNP Morale and Discipline After These Hard Hits

The PNP is continuing to take hard hits left and right.  Still reeling from the effects of the EDSA Hulidap, reports now surface about other hulidaps in Manila, Bulacan, and Caloocan.  Why do these things continue to happen?

It is unmistakable that there is already a breakdown in discipline in the organization.  The top leaders are reduced to guarding their men to ensure that they do not become criminals themselves.  Why is this so?  Why are all these things happening?  As for me, as a policeman myself, this phenomenon is an indicator of a very low morale of the PNP brought about by very weak leaders who simply bluff their way day in and day out of the job.  Morale already transcends academies. 

The main person that affects the current morale of the force is no other than the top guy himself, Gen Alan Purisima.

Today, PNoy once again reiterated his confidence to Gen Purisima in a speech at Malacanang.  The main issue against Purisima is the EDSA hulidap but the defense of PNoy is that it was also the PNP who arrested

the perpetrators.  In his words, he posed the rhetorical question, "Makatwiran po bang pagbitiwin sa puwesto si General Purisima na namumuno sa mga pulis na ginagawa nang mahusay ang kanilang trabaho?"  This is where the President once again missed the point—just as he had missed so many other points in the past.

Yes the main CURRENT issue against Purisima is the EDSA Hulidap which I had tackled in the previous article to have originated from operations with noble purposes, but the other minor issues, which are not so minor actually, are so numerous that preponderance of these issues will inevitably lead a responsible supervisor to take a second look at the performance of his subordinate.  He would have seen that it is not "mahusay na trabaho."

There is the runaway crime that is felt all over the country.  This started when he was designated as NCRPO Director despite the presence of many more deserving and more competent officers.  As NCRPO Director, he exposed his incompetence and unfitness for the job.  He was not able to control the criminals or his subordinates.

There is also that issue of corruption against Purisima such as the WERFAST, CPNP quarters mansion, and his vast Nueva Ecija properties among others.  There is that issue of bending or outright changing of the rules to accommodate incompetence specifically his scrapping of the semestral physical fitness tests because he had been failing the test since his junior officer days. 

In so many parts of the country, policemen here and there are involved in very serious shenanigans.  The list is very very long.


How can Purisima still be an effective leader if he was caught on camera lying with a straight face, on an issue where the evidence is right inside the National Headquarters?  When asked about why he built a new Chief PNP quarters which some people estimate to cost P25M, Purisima answered without hesitation that Typhoon Ondoy damaged the old quarters because the flood reached second floor.  This is completely false and a very outrageous lie!  Had General Purisima only read the history of Quezon City, he would have found out that legend has it that Cubao is the highest peak where Manuel Quezon is said to have spent many afternoons while in deep thought.  Having known that, he should have realized the absurdity of his assertion because once Camp Crame gets flooded, even by a foot of water, then it means that almost all of Metro Manila will already be submerged!

General Purisima was also surrounded by various scandals involving institutional corruption.  How can he tell policemen to do their jobs cleanly when he himself got embroiled in WERFAST, in an operation that even policemen felt its effects because they themselves were victimized and complained about the absurdity of the system?  Imagine a Camp Crame based policeman who renewed his firearms license cannot personally get his card from FEO but have to wait for WERFAST to deliver it to his address which could very well be inside Camp Crame too.  The unkindest cut of all is that one has to pay P250 and would later find out that the courier company that will deliver it is LBC that charges only P90.  If Purisima can be so brazen in his corrupt practices, why should he not expect his subordinates like the EDSA Hulidap Boys to do the same?  To some extent, the latter are even better than him because while he is filching money from innocent firearms license holders that included his men, the EDSA Hulidap Boys were actually preying on drug dealers, stealing from them their dirty money.

Purisima cannot also credibly impose discipline on the rank and file nowadays.  One of the main ingredients of discipline in the past is physical fitness.  While it is true that there are also unfit policemen in the past, it still cannot be denied that the semestral Physical Fitness Test is a regular cause for concern for policemen and I personally know many personnel jogging and stopping smoking and drinking—even for a short duration—when the PFT schedule approaches.  But nowadays, personnel do not care anymore even if their beer bellies protrude all year round.  The PFT was scrapped because the PURISIMA WILL FAIL BECAUSE EVER SINCE HE WAS PROMOTED TO SUPERINTENDENT, HE WAS ONLY PAYING HIS WAY THROUGH THE PFT.  Talk about long experience in corruption.

With a corrupt and undisciplined leader like that, how can you expect the rank and file PNP personnel to shun corruption and adhere to strict discipline?

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