Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lifestyle Check in the PNP

Recently, Mar Roxas announced that he is ordering a lifestyle check on PNP members starting with the generals.  In compliance, PNP Spokesman PCSUPT Ruben Sindac announced that people from the IAS and the NAPOLCOM were designated to do the job.  After this line, I stopped reading the rest of the article.  For how can this effort succeed when all the investigators will be under Police Director General Alan Purisima who is obviously the primary target of this investigation?  The Internal Affairs Service is headed by Police Director Alex Roldan, a PMA Class 85.  As an underclass in the PMA and a subordinate in the PNP, can we expect Roldan to be impartial to his boss?  Hahaha, in your dreams!  The NAPOLCOM is even worse.  It was just a few weeks ago when it was revealed by an anonymous group of bloggers that the

Commissioners are under the payola of Purisima  to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pesos monthly.  Here is the link on my blog:

True or not, this information will definitely cast a cloud of doubt on the capacity and integrity of the NAPOLCOM to be impartial this investigation.  This is aside from the fact that the CPNP IS AN EX-OFFICIO MEMBER OF THE NAPOLCOM!  While Sindac said this to the media, I know that it was Mar Roxas speaking.  I know Sindac.  As PIO, he will never dare make such an announcement unless cleared by The Chief and SILG.

Talk about the incompetence of Mar Roxas!  And he wants to be the President of this country?  God help us!

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Fire away!


  1. This might be a ploy to destroy the integrity of pnpa graduates since they want to put pma graduates back in pnp.

  2. I will visit more often kasi nakakatuwang magbasa ng artikulong gawa ng matatas na pulis. Keep on writing sir pogi and I do hope to meet you someday! Mabuhay po kayo!

  3. Sir, nakailang lifestyle check na ba since nung time ni Hari-Hari? Para kasing wala man lang akong narinig na na relieve or naparusahan dahil sa ill gotten wealth

    1. hahaha pag pinarusahan sila dahil sa maluhong lifestyle, ubos sila lahat kasi nga "Keeping up with the Joneses" ang kultura di ba? Pero ang mauunang mauubos ay ang mga finance and comptroller which will be good riddance at babalik na sa pagalingan uli ang pagpupulis!

      salamat sa visit and comment!

  4. To Pulis na Pogi; Sir, pls post also a blog which divulges the background, previous anomalies, track records, and other irregularities of high-ranking officers in the PNP prior to becoming a star-rank officers. Or starting on their junior years. Regardless of their source of commissionship sir.Since, it seems that these generals are very clean and has a very good reputation the way they are acting now and the way talk and pressume, unknown to everybody what they were before and what they really are now. Ang galing2x na nilang magsalita at kung makapag-utos akala mo hari nung panahon ng mga grego at romanians. Napakastrikto, you cant even reason out or else katakot takot na bull-out ang aabutin mo. I am also an officer sir, and im very concern on the leadership of the organization that we are experiencing ever since we entered to this service. It seems that nothing has changed and it is even becoming worst. Ive been trying my own way to transform my own command or office wherever i am assigned, but that is not enough to affect the whole organization, at least i have done my part as a commander, although masama sa loob ko dahil nakikita ko at nararamdaman ko na mali talaga ang pamamahala sa atin ng mga nasa itaas. Anyway sir pls respond to my request and il be looking forward for that sir.thank you.

    1. pagtulungtulungan natin yan bro. we can do that by uploading to the internet documents that show corruption in the organization. If you want anonimity, email it to me and I will post it here.

      as for your specific request, antay antay lang konti. there is always time for reckoning...

      salamat sa visit!


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