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In Defense of Purisima

A fellow blogger named Ruben wrote these comments to the article “So the Chief PNP is digging in?”

I am reprinting the comments in toto and place it in italics and bold typeface for clarity.  My answer immediately follows the point that I am answering to.  I decided to make a separate article because the commenter is so impassioned in his defense of the Chief that I thought I need to give it justice.  So here we go:

The author of this post might is telling the truth, or might be telling half truth. Why, look at his post:

1. He is telling that the C, PNP is already overweight. But what photo is he presenting? The photo that he is exercising, hehehe, it means that he was doing something on his situation. Is that enough? You tell me! Kasi ako, mataba din ako, at alam kung mahirap magpapayat. Pero kailangan may effort ka din, kung hindi, talagang hindi na bababa ang weight mo.

My answer:  The law is the law is the law.  To recap, here are the laws:

From RA 6975:

From RA 8551:
"(j)  xxx…Provided, That except for the last qualification, the above-enumerated qualifications shall be continuing in character and an absence of any one of them at any given time shall be a ground for separation or retirement from the service: …xxx

Honestly, I did not expect that a reader will react and defend Purisima using this line so I did not cite the rest of the section and only denoted it with the …xxx… symbol.  But well, here we are, so here is the omitted part of the law:

Provided, That PNP members who are already in the service upon the effectivity of this Act shall be given…xxx…one (1) year to satisfy the weight requirement.

Now Sir Ruben, how long is Purisima overweight?  If the other blogger is right, since he was a superintendent, he was already just paying his way through the PFTs.  The time for him to reduce and comply with the law had long, long passed.  Right at the very start of his tenure, he is already living a big fat lie (all the pun intended) and he should have not assumed the position no matter what the wishes of PNoy were.  If I were him, I should have retired, placed my fair haired boy as CPNP and assumed a USEC position at the DILG.  That way, I am still the de facto CPNP but at the same time I am away from the limelight. 

He is the Chief PNP thus he needs to set the example.

- this is poor photo presentation, you are showing somebody who is exercising because he is overweight, and you are telling this is not good. Dapat pinakita nyang photo ay yong naka slouch lang si C, PNP sa kanyang sofa habang nanonood ng TV. Not you decide, readers!

I want to be as fair as possible in this blog but I am not mincing words in calling a spade as a spade.  But well, as you wished, here is a worse and really unflattering picture of the Chief:

 2. Tungkol naman sa properties nya. Porket nakuhaan mo ng areial photo ng property nya ay iyon na yon. Did the author bother to investigate and present data about the net worth of both Purisima and his wife. Eh kung may kaya na pala ang wife nya, isn't it a conjugal properties for both husband and wife. Please present a concrete proof na iya ay ill gotten wealth, not just a photo. Present data and investigation reports. This is irresponsible journalism.

Yes, I am willing to wait for him to present evidence to the contrary but it appears that he is not in a hurry to do so.  Kahit sa batas, ang tawag niyan ay waiver of the right to be heard.

But I am not saying that his wealth is ill gotten.  What I am saying is that he is in violation of the Police Officer’s Creed specifically the provision that states:

2.5 I believe in the responsible dominion and stewardship over material things. I shall inhibit myself from extravagance and ostentatious display of material things. I shall help protect the environment and conserve nature to maintain ecological balance.

Again, readers, please re think!

Yes indeed we all have to rethink.

Tungkol naman doon sa position nya sa shooting competition. Hindi din marunong yong nag post nito. Hindi nya alam na sa shooting competition, mga magagaling na shooters ang nag compete. Hindi naman yan fun shoot. Buti nga nag join si C, PNP, para i pakita na marunong pa din siya mag shooting. Kung nakasali ka na ng shooting competition, siguro mas maiintindihan mo ito. Ibig sabihin nga nito, the C, PNP is not monipulating the result by placing himself in the top 10. Isipin mo nalang, ikaw si C, PNP, may time ka pa kaya mag practice kung madami kang inaasikasong problema sa peace and order. Just try to join shooting competition and then tell me kung mapunta ka sa top 10 na kaunti lang practice mo. Baka nasa kolelat ka pa.

Sir Ruben, I want to make this clear:  I just cannot reveal who I am for obvious reasons but I am telling you, I know what I am talking about ESPECIALLY practical shooting.  Yes, the CPNP Cup is not a fun shoot.  It is a competition so the more that the generals should be conscious of their performance.  But with Purisima setting that standard, look at where the majority of the generals are:  at the last three pages of the 10 page document.  There was even one general who was disqualified!

Practical shooting practice just before a competition has little to do with making a decent performance because your practice should have been during your whole career.  I do not ask him to be the champion because I know that most of those in the top ten are really avid shooters of IPSC-PPSA competitions.  What I am asking of him is just a DECENT performance and not even excellent yet.

Is being on the fourth page of the results, the Excellence that Purisima is saying?  God help the PNP if this is the case!

Please think of what you are posting!

Yes, I had thought over and over about this post…

Salamat sa visit and the comments Sir Ruben!

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