Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Gov. Joey Salceda vs. MMDA Common Bus Terminal

I read with great amusement the online tirades Albay Governor Joey Saceda had been receiving for asking the Supreme Court to ban the common terminals.  (Click here for the news article)  I firmly believe that Salceda is very right in this matter.  Make no mistake about it:  I think Atty Francis Tolentino is generally doing a great job in the MMDA but in this case, I believe that he was ill-advised by his people.

The idea of having a common BUS terminal in the outskirts of Metro Manila will only work if upon reaching that terminal, commuters can already avail of a much more efficient mass transport system like the train.  But in this case, there is none.  Take note of the emphasis on the word BUS above because I would like to point out that in this system, passengers of the provincial buses will be made to transfer to the city buses!  WTF?  Where is the science in that?

What is the difference between the Penafrancia bus from Bicol passing through EDSA on its way to its terminal in Cubao and a Corimba Express which is a city bus?  Both are actually of the same size and capacity so for every Penafrancia bus that you remove from EDSA because you unload it in Muntinlupa, you
need a Corimba Express to ferry its passengers to the city—and through the same road:  EDSA!

Strictly speaking, the Penafrancia bus and other provincial buses going directly to their terminals in Cubao are far faster and more efficient in their use of the roads compared to the Corimba and other undisciplined city buses because once they enter EDSA (at Mantrade) they only make two stops along the way—one in front of GO Hotels in Boni and another under the Ortigas flyover—and both are very ideal bus stops because they do not block traffic on the road.  Compare this to the city buses that load and unload passengers all throughout EDSA.  In my commute along EDSA from Pasay to North Avenue, if only it is possible for me to ride a provincial bus in Mantrade, I will do it all the time and choose them over the undisciplined city buses.

This latest MMDA project needs rethinking, preferably by people who are real commuters and riders of public transport and not by executives whose experience of EDSA traffic is simply gained from monitoring the daily grind from the comforts of their Ford Expeditions.


  1. I agree that provincial buses should not be banned from EDSA by having common bus terminals at the outskirts of MM. I had experienced taking a bus from southern provinces to Pasay or Cubao, and from northern provinces to Pasay, Cubao, Caloocan, or Sampaloc terminals. I am also regularly commuting along EDSA and I have the same observations, and comments, as you do. Keep Up . . .

    1. salamat po. marami kasi sa ating mga policy makers ay puro armchair executives.

      yung iba naman, puno naman ng vested interests.

      salamat po sa comment and please spread the word about this corner of the net...


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