Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Big Let Down: Part II

As I write this piece, things are going from bad to worse for Senators Koko Pimentel, Alan Peter Cayetano, and Antonio Trillanes.  In my last article, I pointed out the ignorance of Pimentel about the most basic of all procedures:  the parliamentary procedures.  This next piece is supposed to discuss how inept Pimentel, Trillanes, and Cayetano in investigation, argumentation, and debate as can be seen by the way they proffered the questions to their star witness Atty Bondal.  In the first hearing, that the main target, Vice President Binay correctly predicted to be a plain political demolition job, Pimentel and company practically attempted to squeeze blood out of the banana as can be seen by the several times that Atty Bondal sounded like he is in the campaign trail.  So bad was the direction that the hearing took that the supposedly sympathetic Senator Drilon correctly intervened and cut the grandstanding witness to size by his admonition to keep the statements within the issue and deliver them straightforward without the embellishments.  But this article was overtaken by events.  The overpriced cake was proven to be a product of guesswork by Atty Bondal—a thing that he admitted and in case of the Japanese, can be a cause for hara kiri just to save face.  But Atty Bondal is no Japanese.  The other star witness that the trio touted to the media as the guy who has the goods to finish the Binays, former Vice Mayor Mercado is another big dud who proved nothing but his own corruption.  His theory that “Since I profited and I am just a vice mayor, so how much more the mayor?” will simply never hold water.  This is a plain declaration of self interest that does not prove anything except his own culpability.  Mecado must have forgotten that as the vice mayor, he was the presiding officer of the city council that approved the budget for the projects in question by virtue of the power of the purse that the legislature at all levels normally exercises in government affairs.  It is always said that it is during the budget deliberations that money is made and corrupted and this notion is strengthened in no small measure by the PDAF scandal, thus the statements of Mercado, instead of being another nail in the supposed coffin of the Binays, actually turned into a hangman’s noose now wrapped around the neck of Mercado.  All it takes now is for a Makati taxpayer to haul him to the Ombudsman and use his very words against him to send him to jail.  At this point, I am really hard pressed to find a reason for the Ombudsman not to jail this guy if the graft body will only be fair and impartial in the assessment of the evidence.

I can understand this lack of finesse in basic investigation, debate, and argumentation on Trillanes whose background did not train him for it but for Pimentel and Cayetano?  This is a big letdown to the fans of these two guys.  They are supposed to be scions of brilliant legal minds (but this is actually debatable and I can make a case against this assumption) and they are supposed to be the better versions of their father but looking at their performance in the live hearings, one cannot wonder what happened to them along the way.

From my myopic pulis mateksmateks, I just cannot comprehend why is it that if the Binays are indeed the big thieves that the trio are accusing them to be, why is it that Makati remains to be the richest city in the country today?  I cannot help but follow up this question, especially for Cayetano, why is it that the most prosperous part of Taguig is the real estate that the city simply grabbed from Makati and for so long a time everyone knows as Makati being part of Fort Bonifacio?

Taguig supposedly has more advantages in resources than Makati because it has a part of Laguna de Bay that Makati does not have.  But why is it that when I used to go to Camp Bagong Diwa when I was still assigned with the SAF and the NCRPO, I always dread that last part of my journey because Taguig is always equated with urban blight?  Cayetano cannot reason out that Makati has the advantages ever since because of the big business headquarters located in it.  One can always point out that it was in Taguig that Marcos envisioned the Food Terminal for the whole metropolis and the FTI complex relic is a very visible and sore evidence of this!  If the Cayetanos are really as good as the politicians, leaders, and administrators that they claim to be, why is it that they cannot turn this piece of prime real estate into something that they can really be proud of?

As for Trillanes, the measure is very simple:  if he is the Mr. Clean that he projects himself to be, he can show to the world his SALN in 1995 when he graduated from the academy and his SALN in 2013.  If he can satisfactorily explain the jump, then he can be the president of this country—a thing that he undoubtedly aspires for.

As for Pimentel, if he is really as good a man as he claims to be, why is it that his beauty queen wife left him for another guy?  Hahaha! That is a joke…

Or is it?

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