Saturday, August 30, 2014

Intelligent Voters for PNoy and Bobotantes for Binay?

I am an avid commenter in various online forums of news articles, especially the Philippine Daily Inquirer (  One thing that I noticed is that day after day, Rigoberto Tiglao appears to be right when he pointed out that seemingly, there are professional paid commenter and letter writers roaming in the forums trying to project a positive spin for the government.  In an article some few years back, made early in the administration of PNoy, Tiglao proffered some anecdotal evidence about the existence of this group, whom he suspected to be actually holding office in Malacanang, but short of naming the offices of Secretary Herminio Coloma and the then Secretary Ricky Carandang.  Though vehemently refuted and made fun of by Malacanang defenders and apologists, I cannot help but notice that the arguments and current indicators actually lean more and more in favor of Tiglao.

I am pointing this out to show that the arguments of many of these “paid posters” are actually very shallow which is reflective of the quality of the government that they are defending.  Currently, it appears that the focus or main mission of the group is to prevent a Binay presidency but they are doing a rather pathetic job on this.  This is because many of their arguments are anchored not on real issues but on the petty ones like the one used by Korina Sanchez about “mga maiitim at maliliit na mga maligno."  (Well, what can you expect from Korina anyway?)  So often, these people love to point out the complexion of the Binays and equate it with their personal and professional personalities (maitim ang budhi).  But had these people not yet realized that the United States already has a black president and up to now, the guy is still the incumbent who had already won a reelection?  I cannot help but notice that their line of argument reinforces the notion that the Filipinos are among the most “plastic” people in the world.  We always love to say that we are freedom loving and that we treat each other equally and fairly but if you look around, one of the most advertised products in EDSA billboards are the SKIN WHITENING products.  Why?  Obviously because we tend to look down on people whose skin pigment is darker than the rest.  Argue with me on this and I will point you to an episode of a sitcom that I cannot anymore remember on what channel.  But what I cannot forget is that Ruffa Gutierrez portrayed an “UGLY” girl despised, humiliated, and looked down upon by all her peers.  To achieve this “uglification,” she was painted with black make up all over her body.  At the end of the episode when it is time for her to be beautiful again, the show simply stripped off her black makeup and she is supposed to be beautiful again who delivered the comeuppance against her erstwhile nemesis—a thing that she is supposedly incapable of doing when she was still “ugly” (read:  black).

This is the frame of mind of many of PNoy’s defenders.  Look around the forums and you can see their comments, oftentimes calling the supporters of the Binays as BOBOTANTES.  And they dare to call themselves as the intelligent voters?

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