Friday, July 11, 2014

That Stupid Gun Control Law

I can feel for PROGUN and the other licensed gun owners regarding the new firearms law.  Their gripes are legitimate and this government is ramming down their throats a very stupid law.  Ironically, RA 10591 is one of the laws that many current PNP top brass, including the C,PNP-in-waiting pretenders like PDG Marcelo Garbo love to trumpet as among their major accomplishments.  If this is the way they were thinking while they are not yet the Chief, God help us if they become one someday!

Why is RA 10591 stupid?  Let me explain in the barest and simplest means possible and from the viewpoint of a gun afficianado that I am.  The biggest departure of this law from the old one is that there are now two regulatory requirements that one needs to meet before owning a gun as compared to the old system where there is only one process that a person wanting to own a gun needs to undergo.  Now, one has to apply for a License to Own and Possess Firearms (LTOP) and at the same time register the firearm itself.  The wiseguys who conceived this, love to say that this is similar to cars where a car is registered and the driver licensed.  My simple retort is, “So you mean that just like a car, it is legal for me to lend my REGISTERED gun to another person who also has an LTOP?”  The answer is obvious.  It is not legal.  So what is the use of the revision of the law except for plain epal and stupidity?

The other reason that the wiseguys love to cite is the number of fictitious gunowners discovered in their audit.  This is the main reason that CPNP Alan Purisima centralized the processing of licenses in Camp Crame.  But is this the correct intervention?  Hell no!  Recently, it even landed in the papers that fake licenses are sold right inside Camp Crame by policemen from the FEO itself!  What that stupid directive of Purisima (one of the many, so what else is new?) simply did was just transfer the place of corruption from the provinces to the capital right into his own backyard.  Talk about double whammy for stupidity…

I simply cannot believe that Purisima does not know that the reason that there are so many fictitious gun owners on record is because of corruption in the FED—in the past and continuing to the present.  That office, which is strictly a place for paper pushers because the job is so obviously ministerial and better left to the NUPs or can even be outsourced to a third party service provider, is a very “JUICY” position that all fair-haired boys of the Chief, PNP, including the people they groom to succeed them, are assigned there, with the sole purpose of enriching themselves.  This is a unit where you have absolutely zero chance of apprehending a criminal, zero chance of an armed encounter that may give you a spot promotion, zero possibility of making an NPA return to the fold of the law, but why are PNP officers and PNCOs alike are falling head over heels just to join this unit?

I will leave that to your imagination but I would like to point out that not so long ago, there are several officers assigned to that unit who were investigated by the Ombudsman for unexplained wealth.  I just cannot recall their names.


  1. sir mike melchor posted these questions on facebook. let me answer them here as the posts in facebook tend to get mixed up with other issues.

    Welcome aboard, you are sure to get a lot of inquiries here. I hope that we can have a healthy & positive exchange of ideas here. Allow me to start the process.

    Some Questions:

    1.) Are there constitutional issues & conflicts in RA 10591? The EDSA Revolution ended the Marcos dictatorship & Filipinos adopted a new constitution after learning some hard lessons about their rights & freedoms. Article 2, Section 5 enshrines our rights to life, liberty & property --- is RA 10591 in conflict with those rights & freedoms?

    2.) The IRR of RA 10591 was drafted by non-legislators. There seem to be many things that are not in the law. What is the agenda here? Please comment.

    3.) RA 10591 has the word "snow" in it. We are a tropical country, there is no snow here --- is there foreign intervention in our laws? I doubt if any Filipino would include the word snow in our laws.

    4.) The more that criminals know that citizens cannot protect themselves, the more violent crime & victims there will be. Why does PNP-FEO seem to turn a blind eye toward the many victims in our society at the hands of violent criminals & pursue a money making agenda instead of helping the citizens defend themselves against crooks?

    5.) How do citizens protect themselves against criminals in uniform who prey upon the innocent members of society & how can the trust of the people be restored in our law enforcers?

    1. sir mike, i will leave the final decision on legal and statutory construction questions to your lawyer friends. i will not pretend to be expert in laws. but here is my take on your questions:

      1. the constitutionality of RA10591 can actually be questioned in the courts specifically the supreme court. i really have reservations on its constitutional rigor because aside from the provisions that you cited, there are other provisions that are actually "in your face" violations like that one allowing home visitations of policeman to gun owners. with the current state of credibility of the police, i am sure that not a few will violently object to this.

      2. the irr of ra 10591, just like the many other irrs, is where personal and vested interests come in. this is the reason why i believe that irrs should also pass through the same process that the law itself went through. if you notice, the irr is the "ground level interpretation" of the law and obviously, sa dami ng magagaling sa atin, lagi yang naililiko sa kung saan ang mga interests ng mga gumagawa ay nandoon.

      3. hahaha, napansin mo yun ha. yan ay isang napakagansang ebidensya na hindi talaga pinag isipan ng mga matitinong tao ang batas na ito.

      4 and 5. the chief pnp is stupid and a crook. sorry for the language but there is no other way to put it. this is the reason why in general, the pnp issuances now are not responsive to realities. bobo lang talaga si chief at hindi sya nakapaghanda sa trabaho nya. i really doubt if he actually knows how to perform beat patrolling properly! at eto article ko about the pnp culture of corruption:

      talagang kultura na sa pnp--and the philippine society in general--to just be tolerant to the shenanigans that we see around.

      what do you think?


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