Monday, July 07, 2014

That God-damned Rape In Zamboanga

The news that the reported rape of a six-year-old girl allegedly by an 11-year-old playmate has taken a new twist after the alleged victim pointed to her grandfather as the real culprit.

As reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the girl first pointed to her playmate as the abuser during the first investigation.  She was then accompanied by her grandmother—the wife of the suspect.

The curiosity of the investigators must have been piqued because the case first came to light when the victim was brought to a hospital due to a recurring fever.  It was later found out that she had sexually transmitted diseases.  If I am the investigator, it is obvious that the playmate is an unlikely suspect because of the STD.  If the boy has STD, then he must be another victim too.  It is unlikely that an 11 year old boy will be that sexually active to contract the disease that early.

But that is not what really urged me to write this article.  It is the reaction of the grandmother that I lament most.  Despite of what happened, it was reported that the grandmother even defended her husband.  In the article, it was also mentioned that the mother of the girl, a deaf-mute is pregnant despite her husband leaving her years ago.  The authorities suspect that she is also a victim of abuse by her father.

This incident makes me wonder:  where had this country gone?  Where are we heading?  Morals are out of the window?  Values are all just for what?

Are these among the people calling their politicians as immoral?

God help the Philippines…

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