Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A Nation of Thieves?

Yesterday I went to the University of the Philippines and used the toilet in the mall along Philcoa.  This is what I saw:

I cannot help but wonder how bad is the situation in Manila?  I cannot say that this is true for the whole country because I just read an article about the Honesty Shop in Batanes.  But here in the very heart of the metropolitan capital--in the literal backyard of the premier university of the country at that--people need to construct these steel cages to ensure that these bathroom fixtures are not stolen!

For crissake, this steel cage is not a simple protection against a petty thief.  This restroom is a microcosm of a society whose morals had gone down the toilet!  (All pun intended!)  Here are the reasons why:

First, this is a public restroom.  Everybody uses it (albeit for a P3 fee).  If this restroom is closed, where will people go if they need to use one?  Why is it that anyone would steal the fixtures installed in it?  How much will they earn as compared to the efforts that they will expend in dismantling it in the first place?

Second and most importantly (though this is not so much given attention), why would anyone buy such obviously stolen fixtures?  First and foremost, the fixtures are made of stainless steel.  Looking at this, it is obvious that the real owner can afford to buy one.  Now the thief who will sell this junk will never look like the owner.  How in the world can a junkshop owner encourage such shenanigans by actually buying that trash?

This situation is the same as that of cellphone snatchers.  Snatchers will never look like they can afford an Iphone 5 but when they go to a known fence and sell it, no questions are asked.  The fence buys the goods.

I am wont to ask:  had we really became a nation of thieves?  Do we still wonder why our politicians pillage the treasury if given the slightest chance?

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