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PNP Reforms (A continuing article). Part 4a – Deactivation or Reorganization of Outdated NSUs (CIDG)

Abolition of outdated support units is actually in the back of the minds of not only a few senior officers.  But nobody dares to broach the idea for various reasons—not the least of which is that these NSUs are money making NSUs with great powers but have virtually no accountability or responsibility to the public.  Their only accountability and responsibility is to the Chief PNP and it is usually all about MONEY.  Because of this, most of the time, the Directors appointed to these units are the fair haired boys of the CPNP or the President himself.  Ok let me start the fire!  Hahahaha!

On top of this list is the CIDG.  From its website, these are the basic facts about CIDG (I cut and paste thus got all the errors in toto):

“Since the beginning, the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) formerly known as the Criminal Investigation Service (CIS) of the then Philippine constabulary (PC) during the Martial Law years, has been at the forefront of the country's formidable war against all forms of crimes and criminality.

From January 19, 1950, the CIDG like any other operating arm of the Philippines National Police, has undergone changes in its nomenclature, i.e.., from CIS to Criminal Investigation Service Command (CISC) to Crimiinal (sic) Investigation Command (CIC) to Criminal Investigation Group (CIG) and finally, the Criminal Investigation Detection Group (CIDG).

All its past Chief and Directors, including the present Command Group, have by far, contributed wholeheartedly to the fulfillment of its vision, mission and function at the extreme sacrifice of life and limb. Their combined efforts have made the CIDG a formidable and vaunted fighting until that it is today. It has maintained and lived up to its prestige as the premier investigative arm of the Philippine National Police, mandated to combat crimes and safeguard our national democracy, peace and order.
From this introduction alone, it can be gleaned that CIDG considers itself as a demigod organization within the PNP but almost bigger than the PNP itself and definitely bigger than any line unit of the PNP.


Free from politics, ininterrupted (sic) by territorial limitations and countrywide in scope, the CIDG performs the following missions:

1. To undertake the monitoring, investigation and prosecution of all crimes involving economic savotage (sic) and other crimes of such magnitude and extent as to indicate their commission by highly-placed professional syndicates or organizations; and,

2. To investigate all major cases involving violation of the Revised Penal Code (RPC) and to conduct operations against organized crime groups (OCGs), unless the president assigns the case exclusively to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).
Here in its mission statement, the CIDG acknowledges that the crimes that they investigate may be assigned to the NBI, which I believe should be done by the NBI.  What are the examples of these “crimes involving economic savotage (sic) and other crimes of such magnitude and extent as to indicate their commission by highly-placed professional syndicates or organizations?” Smuggling, bank robbery, jueteng, human trafficking, carnapping, white slavery, bank frauds, etc.  Let us just take the two most common:  jueteng and bank robbery.  Both these crimes are very much alive in our midst as you read this blog.  And there is a one strike policy for territorial commanders:  a bank robbery occurs in a town, the COP gets the axe.  So is with jueteng.  A raid against a bolahan turns out positive, the COP gets the boot.  But where was CIDG when bank robbery occurred with regularity during the height of Kuratong Baleleng?  Up to now, jueteng is very much alive nationwide.  Where is CIDG?  Have we heard of CIDG getting the blame for a very bad peace and order situation in a locality or even nationwide?  This is my main beef:  they have all the powers, but have little or almost no responsibility at all.  Even if all banks in Metro Manila gets robbed in a single day, no blame will be laid on CIDG.  It is the NCRPO Director who will get the blame.  Let’s face it: CIDG is just another “butas” in the payola of the purveyors of illegal trade.  For so long a time, we know that CIDG is on the take from almost all illegalistas:  jueteng, ukay ukay, paihi, hired killers, and even drugs.  It is only during bukulan that they make a show of cleaning up their ranks as shown by the recent raid where they nabbed their Provincial Officer of Pampanga. 


The CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION AND DETECTION GROUP is committed to a vision of a dynamic, responsible and well-equipped primary investigative arm manned by the best qualified and highly-motivated professionals in search of truth and justice.
(To be more effective and create a bigger impact, why do these “highly-motivated professionals” not ask to be assigned to the local units?  Truth and justice is for the whole PNP in general to find and defend and not of a sub unit only.  They want authority?  Then take responsibility.  Go local.)

1.  Monitors, iinvestigates (sic) and prosecutes all crime involving economic sabotage like bank frauds, large scale smuggling, estafa, dollar salting, hoarding, profiteering and other crimes of such magnitude and extent as to indicate their commission by highly placed or Professional syndicates and organizations.
(NBI will be more effective here because being under the DOJ, it has closer proximity to the other attached agencies especially Bureau of Immigration.)

2.  Investigates all major cases involving vioation (sic) of the Revised Penal Code
(Investigation is the job of the PNP as a whole.  How do you define major and minor?  Is murder major or minor?  How many murders are committed and how many of these are investigated by the CIDG?  Often, the presence of CIDG causes conflict with the local police.  Instead of helping, nakakagulo pa minsan.  In sensational crimes like murder of a high profile personality, the PNP can form a temporary task force--which it is doing now--to be disbanded upon completion of its mission.)

3.  Conducts operations againstnotorious (sic) wanted persons and organized crime group particularly those engaged in armed robbery, kidnapping-for-ransom, gun-for-hire and illegal possession and trafficking of firearms and explosives.
(Let the local police where these people operate take charge.  If their operations cross boundaries, create a temporary task force or let the NBI take over.  The US does this.)

4.  Provide direct support to the PNP field units in the investigation and solution of major crimes especially those requiring specialized investigative techniques and intensive follow-up.
(Support pala e bakit more often than not e nakikipag agawan ang CIDG?  Moreover, if only the PNP empowers all investigators to be competent in their jobs, there will be no more need for another unit looking over their shoulders when they go to the field.)

5.  Investigates cases involving violations of Special Laws, which are expressly assigned to the group such as Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices, Illegal Recruitment and Illegal Possession/Trafficking of Firearms and Explosives.
(Another list for the NBI.  These are crimes that need intensive and specialized resource and skills.  Let the NBI do this.  These are rarely life and death emergency situations like a jeepney robbery.  Kulang na nga pulis sa kalsada, nakakamot pa kayo ng bayag nyo sa mga opisina nyo.)

6.  Assist in the prosecution of cases investigated by the group and in the crime prevention effort of the PNP Field Units.
(Crime prevention is best done by patrolling.  Have you seen CIDG people doing patrolling?)

7.  Identifies documents and investigates the atrocities committed by the CPP/NPA/NDF and file criminal cases with the Civil Courts and Commision (sic) on Human Rights
(The PNP needs a whole separate unit for this?  A small team in the DIDM can do this.)

8. Performs such other functions as the higher authorities may direct.
 (Like tong collection…)

Postscript:  And this is the premier investigation unit of the PNP?  Website pa lang e ang dami nang mali mali.  How can you convince people that you are thorough and meticulous in your investigation e itong website nyo di na nga maayos ang pagkagawa?

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