Monday, April 21, 2014

PNP Reforms (A continuing article). Part 1 – Remove Mediocrity

What reforms shall I do if I am the Chief PNP?

The first thing that I will do is to rid the PNP of the most glaring example of its mediocre way of thinking and doing things:  the naming of its regional and provincial offices.  The regional office is named Police Regional Office so that its abbreviation is PRO.  I do not know when did this name came into being because in the early days of my career, it was known as Regional Command.  If I remember it right, it was done in the late 90s or early 2000 when PROGUN was very popular.  But that is PROGUN.  Up to this time, I still cannot find an English grammar book that concurs with this, instead of REGIONAL POLICE OFFICE.  Some grammatical errors are inevitable in written communications (including this blog) but in this case, day in and day out, the horrible assault to the King's language is continuous.  How come that the intelligent generals in Camp Crame did not do anything about this?  There is an elementary school right inside Camp Crame and I am sure that they have qualified English teachers there.

This is one of the many mediocrities that I see in the PNP but I think this is the most obvious that it is almost scandalous not to do anything about this. I believe that not a few in the PNP know that this is wrong but nobody is doing anything about it and it does not forebode well for the organization in general.  It is one of those things that breed and fuel apathy and the "bahala na attitude" where people just don’t care. 

Here is the proof that many people in the PNP recognizes this error:
The name of the organization is Philippine National Police.  Before, Camp Crame is called the Headquarters but now it is called Office so it is safe to assume that calling it the Philippine National Police Office is correct.
Now, let us localize it.  Philippines=Pangasinan, National=Provincial, Police Office=Police Office.  So how should we write it?  Pangasinan Provincial Police Office.  Corollary to that, the regional office is Regional Police Office.  Tama ba?  E bakit ganito mga logo ng mga PPO natin?

And this are for the regional offices.

But obviously, there are people who know that this is wrong because why is it that at the city and municipal levels, we got it right naman?

Sa mga gusto pang mamilosopo dyan, here are the logos of police forces from English speaking jurisdictions.

My boss once told me the importance of this:  If you cannot be meticulous in such obvious detail as grammar, how can you convince me that you had been meticulous with the data in this report?



  1. The Lady from the NorthSunday, April 10, 2016 8:47:00 PM

    I'll definitely look around the blog for the second, third things you'll do when you are Chief PNP, Sir. I am excited to read your plans to shake down the system that has long been the refuge of scalawags and a mafia or two, as you said.
    A, yes, chocolates. I checked the ref and all I have is choconut which is bleh. I am accepting donations of chocolates, Sir.

    1. Ah, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Newer Post" to get to the next article...

    2. And speaking about the Mafia in the PNP, here you go:

    3. About the chocolate, well, I can send you some if you give me an address! Hahahahaha!


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