Friday, April 04, 2014

Of Competence and School (Fried Chicken vs Crispy Pata, Part II)

Let me add my take on the raging debate between the PNPAyers and the PMAyers regarding promotion and positioning in the PNP.

JDir Rosendo Dial (Ret), PNPA Alumni Association Inc. chair, recently revealed  in the sidelines of the 35th PNPA commencement exercises that the PNPAAA board of directors had approved a resolution seeking the help of Interior Secretary Mar Roxas in reviewing the current system of appointment of senior police officers to major positions in the Philippine National Police.  Among the many things that the PNPAAA members repeatedly point out is the alleged inequality in the promotion of senior officers leading to demoralization in the PNPA ranks.  Thus he added, “What we are asking is for the national leadership of the PNP to implement an equal distribution of senior PNP officers from the PNPA and the PMA to key positions in the PNP.”

There lies my beef (with all the pun intended).

First off:  Dial is not even a policeman.  He is the former Chief of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and the BJMP is not the best advertisement of PNPA competence. Is he the best the PNPA can send to the frontlines? What was he thinking meddling in a purely police affair?  Anyway...hayaan muna natin in the meantime...The term Dial used is “equal distribution.”  Does he mean positioning PNPA graduates (and PMAyers for that matter) by virtue of numbers and not by competence? 

Actually statistics run against Dial and the PNPAyers.

During GMAs’s presidency, PCSUPT Pedro Bulaong, a member of PNPA Class 80 was designated as MPD director in 2002.  Obviously, Bulaong was chosen because he was GMAs Aide de Camp in her early political life.  He was very junior in terms of rank despite his age, thus he was actually succeeded by officers a lot more senior than him (Picture this:  PCSUPT Roberto Rosales, PMA Class 1978 only assumed the position in 2007, a good five years after Bulaong.)  Did the PNPAyers raise a howl because of this?  And did Bulaong make a difference in the MPD with the break he got?  Hardly if you ask around.  Far from it actually.  As a through and through traditional policeman, the term KBL reached its peak popularity during his stint as Director of the WPD.  Kay Bulaong Lahat—referring to all the grease and lard and pork and chicken taken all together.

Other PNPAyers were actually given good breaks.  PCSUPT Chuck Guinto was Regional Director of PRO 5, a very juicy position until his retirement.  Did he make a difference?  Ask his classmates in PNPA Class of 1983.

How about PCSUPT Tomas Rentoy III?  He is another PNPA Class 83 and one of the earliest to be promoted to general in his class.  What has he done?

The list goes on and on and on.

The irony is that, even at the PNPA itself (the school, that is), the trailblazing Directors were not the PNPA alumni but the PMAyers.  PMA officers actually did more for the PNPA than the PNPA themselves.  The best illustration of this is the current PNPA Director, PCSUPT Noel Constantino.  Among his first acts?  Demolish the illegal stores that had been inside the PNPA since forever, even when it was still in Canlubang, Laguna.  The owners of these stores were the perennial board of directors of the PNPA Alumni Association (or their wives or girlfriends).  These stores actually corner almost all the lucrative supply contracts inside the PNPA since time immemorial.  Early in their police life, the PNPA cadets are already subjected to financial hazing by their alumni through the issuematics.  It took another non-PNPAyer—a civilian actually, Dr. Margarita Cojuangco—to stop this practice when she was PPSC president that has supervision over the PNPA.

I do not say that PMAyers are perfect.  In fact, many of them are downright incompetent and were only in the position because of school affiliation and their lucky draw in life to be a part of the PSG during Cory’s time.  On top of this list of incompetent PMAyers is the Chief PNP himself, PDG Alan Purisima.  Based on the CODE-P that he himself coined, he is a complete failure for how can he be competent if he cannot even pass the physical fitness tests and is in real danger of attrition and the only solution he found for the situation is to remove the tests altogether?  How can he consider himself disciplined if he cannot even control the amount of food he puts in his mouth?  How can he espouse excellence if despite all the resources that he had, he can only manage to score 50% of the score of the top shooter in his very own shooting competition?  And he dare to highlight professionalism in CODE-P?

There are other inutile officers from the PMA that are in positions of leadership despite their obvious incompetence.  The PNPAyers are actually correct in pointing out that they are there because of their school and the connections that it accords.  Just listen to the PNP spokesman, and you will see what I mean.

But there are also highly competent PMA officers that are in the sidelines because they are not in the inner circle of the current Chief PNP.  Well yes, many were promoted to generals but they were not given positions commensurate to their skills.  Being left out in the cold does not happen exclusively to PNPAyers.  There is PCSUPT Ricardo Marquez (PMA 82), probably the most intelligent officer in the PNP today (maybe save for a few like PSSUPT Gumban and PSSUPT Gaerlan, both PMA 85).  Marquez, with all his qualifications (Purisima will look like a bumbling PO1 if placed side by side with him), is the best Chief that the PNP may never have.  Well for one, he comes across as snobbish and does not like to lick boots and behinds…

Another is PSSUPT Billy Beltran of Class 85.  Based on reports, he is one of the hardest working officers out there are but I think he will never be Chief PNP.  Hindi marunong sumipsip.

From both PMA and PNPA, there are officers who are in the sidelines when in fact they should be somewhere else.  There is PDir Angelito Pacia (PMA 80, upperclass of CPNP) wallowing in DIPO-WM.  PDIR De Gracia cannot hold a candle against him in DICTM where he came from, but well, de Gracia’s middle name is Purisima!  Hahahaha.

On the PNPA side, there is  PCSUPT Antonio Viernes, PNPA 83 who was promoted to general but placed in the freezer of DIPO-EM.  There are highly competent and qualified officers from PNPA Class 83 and 84 who are not given appropriate positions.

This list also goes on and on and on...

In short and simple language, the PNPAyers’ grievances are legitimate but their line of argument needs improvement or needs a new direction altogether.

Promote by merit, not by affiliation.

Set the standards, then be firm about it.

Fried chicken or crispy pata should have nothing to do with it...


  1. Thank you for trusting on my IT expertise:)

  2. Sa totoo nasa tao lang naman ang basihan sa serbisyu.. pero hindi naman talaga binibigyan ng posisyon ang karamihan ng pnpa grads.. hindi lahat maganda yung performance, ganun din sa mga pma grads, hindi lahat magaling pero nasa magandang posisyon pa din.. subukan kaya nilang bigyan ng posisyon yung mga pnpa senior officials sa SOPPB para magkaroon ng parihas.. hindi rin nila ibibigay sigurado, antayin nalang daw na maubos lahat ng pma grads sa pnp sabi ng mga tga pma... wow! Parang ayaw talaga nilang bitawan kasi gusto nila sila sila nalang hanggat nasa serbisyu pa sila.. walang parihas na laban ang nangayayari kahit saang sulok ng ating gobyerno.. at kahit anong gawin ng iilan talagang ganito ang ugaling pilipino.. aminin na natin na ganito talaga mag.isip ang pilipino... hindi na magbabago ang systemang ganito.. midyo aangat, at pababa lang tayo palagi.. kasi ganyan talaga yan kahit saang departamento..


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