Monday, April 21, 2014

Religion in the PNP

During the Holy Week, I saw this picture in the online edition of the Inquirer:

Ever since I became a policeman, I had been an advocate of the separation of the affairs of the church and the state.  Not that I do not believe in God, (and let me tell you at this point that I never miss my church services) but I believe that government affairs is for everyone and not for a select few.  This is because government operates on public funds and the source of these funds is EVERYONE, including people who do not believe in God.  Basing on that very basic premise, an argument can be made about using public funds for religious purposes.

But that is not what piqued me the most.  In the accompanying story, it was highlighted that many of the participants in the carrying of the cross are policemen who are facing administrative charges and the activity is the way for the atonement of their trespasses.  This is the height of idiocy in the leadership of QCPD.  What about if the policeman is not Catholic?  Is it not that that kind of punishment qualifies as among those barred by law for being degrading?  But more than that, the PNP has an established disciplinary machinery.  It needs more than a knee jerk decision to supersede that.  This simply reflects the kind of leadership the QCPD currently has.


Well for that, they deserve not only carrying of the cross:  they need to be nailed on it!

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