Saturday, July 21, 2012

SPO2 Pascua and the Anti Wangwang President

Now, even the kitchen sink is being thrown to SPO2 Pascua. After he was accosted-arrested by the PSG for not giving way to the presidential convoy, he is now under investigation for all the administrative and criminal offenses found in the book: grave misconduct, violation of PD 96, driving without license, violation of RA 4136, etc etc. All officials are now breathing fire at the neck of Pascua. First it was Mario Dela Vega, the QCPD Director, then came General Cerbo, the PNP Spokesman, and now a certain Col Villanueva is coming out stating that Pascua is a gross traffic violator.

In all these, the original issue is being muddled, and it is to the advantage of the PNoy administration. Right at the very start when I read about this incident, I sympathized with Pascua. Until now, I do. Yes he has to answer for all the traffic offenses that he may have committed, the worst of which is driving without license. But the main issue should not be muddled nor forgotten: did he commit any violation when he did not yield to the presidential convoy? The answer is a big NO. The yellow-tards know this very clearly thus the planted posters ( earlier discussed by Rigoberto Tiglao went into high gear and demonized the cop in the more popular comments sections of online news papers.

Aside: Here is one comment of somebody named tadasolo (they must be running out of aliases!) Can you believe that this is a comment in an article at that is not even criticizing the president that hard. Haha. Why can I not help but imagine that the comment writer must be having erections while typing this in? Here is his comment in cut and paste “Mr President you need to keep doing what you intend to do. Keep the fire burning alive this is only a one time opportunity. We elected you to fix problems and provide leadership in looking for solutions. This is not a beauty contest with your critics. You are not up for reelection and used the power of presidency to make the fundamental changes necessary to make them irreversible for the next generations. We know you will make mistake but keep trying for the benefit of all of us. There are intractable problems out there but the inertia of not doing anything are far dangerous. Changes will make a lot of people unhappy but that is for the better. Focus on what is best for the good of society and confront corruption.”

Now back to the issue: I believe that SPO2 Pascua is telling the truth when he said that he did not know that it was the Presidential Convoy. And heck, even if he knew that it was the presidential convoy, was he required to yield to it?

Here is the original speech of PNoy in his inaugural address that started this no wang wang policy: In the early part of the speech, he laid the general framework: "Kayo ba ay minsan ring nalimutan ng pamahalaang inyong iniluklok sa pwesto? Ako rin. Kayo ba ay nagtiis na sa trapiko para lamang masingitan ng isang naghahari-hariang de-wangwang sa kalsada? Ako rin. Kayo ba ay sawang sawa na sa pamahalaang sa halip na magsilbi sa taumbayan ay kailangan pa nila itong pagpasensyahan at tiisin? Ako rin."

In the latter part, he enumerated the specifics: "Walang lamangan, walang padrino, at walang pagnanakaw. Walang wang-wang, walang counter-flow, walang tong. Panahon na upang tayo ay muling magkawanggawa."

The message is clear: we are all equal on the road. In the early years of the implementation of this policy, the Vice President even drew flak for unpretentiously not subscribing to this. Here is the link. During that time, Aquino was even able to turn a negative event of being almost an hour late to the AFP turn-over into a positive note by citing that he was being an ordinary citizen on the road. Here is the link:

Now the yellow army in the forums has this general theme in replying to those siding with Pascua and questioning the use of the sweepers: Pascua was rude and disrespected the President when he did not yield to the convoy. If that happens to you, will you yield to a convoy?

First, you will not know that it was a convoy. There were no sirens. Bawal na nga di ba?

Second: Have you not heard of the modus operandi of criminals of being in police uniforms in hijacking vehicles or kidnapping their victims? Here is a couple of links:

Third: Akala ko ba pantay pantay tayo sa daan? Is this another forgotten promise? Just like the “I am willing to sign a waiver?”

Is this reflective of the attention span of mongoloids? Sorry, I just cannot prevent myself in making that comment.

Postscript: Where is the Manila's Finest and all the other brotherhoods all this time? If SPO2 Pascua needs to be punished, it is not for not yielding to the presidential convoy.

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