Friday, December 16, 2011

The Undoing of PNoy

First, in the interest of transparency:

I should be among the last people to make this article for several reasons: While I am not exactly the biggest PNoy fan right at the very start, I would like to believe that I have friends and acquaintances in his inner circle. I am occupying a good position now and I am happy with my career. I have friends and former bosses now occupying the highest posts in this administration. I have direct contacts with the right persons who can help me further accelerate my advancement in the PNP totem pole. But despite all this home court advantage, still, I am making this article. This is for me, just to vent the disgust that I feel. But if PNoy’s people still care, then they can read this and use this as a barometer because I believe that I reflect the opinion of not a few from the middle. Having said those, let me get it on with this article then.

There are a lot of actuations that PNoy exhibited in the past that shows his unfitness for the presidency, but this latest tiff with the Supreme Court is the worst and will prove to be his undoing. Because of this, he may not finish his six-year term. If he does not change course, the people will remove him, most probably through the military in another coup-de-etat.

I kept my peace when he covered up and simply brushed off the boo-boos of his people, including the international faux-pas of his closest of aides like the Vietnam-has-no good-looking-men stupidity of Mislang. I kept my peace when he exhibited extreme arrogance to top-level government professionals like the PNP generals that he made to wait for hours for their oath taking because he is still playing PSP with Josh. I still kept my peace when he publicly scolded the military during their darkest grief after the slaughter of their comrades in Mindanao. And still, I kept my peace when he arrogantly delivered that in-your-face speech against Corona during that summit that his underling De Lima hosted and where Corona was invited as guest (That is extreme kabastusan in my book—the ultimate blindside.). But now I cannot keep my peace anymore. I have to speak out, otherwise I will go crazy.

The actions of PNoy of bullying the SC because he cannot have his own way is very much like a cop bullying the fiscals and judges because he cannot get his way in inquest and trials. PNoy has to be reminded that our government is designed so that power has checks and balances. The Constitution designed it to have three separate, distinct, and independent branches: the executive that he heads, the legislative, and the judiciary. Each branch should act as a check and balance of the others. Among others, the Executive can neutralize the legislative through its veto powers and the judiciary through its ultimate power to appoint its members. On the other hand, the legislature can check the president through its veto-override powers, the Commission on Appointments, and its power over the purse. The Judiciary can check the other two through its inherent personality as the ultimate arbiter on questions of law.

As of the moment, PNoy had already succeeded in making Congress his rubber stamp though Belmonte and Enrile. If he succeeds in subjugating the SC, Joker’s fear will come true: he will become a dictator—and he will be far far worse than Marcos. At least in Marcos, we have a person with emotional and psychological stability. As for PNoy, how can we not see through his tendencies? THAT phych report in Ateneo that surfaced during the campaign may have been successfully swept under the rug, but does it mean that he was already cured? His whole life is a testament of his instability: he cannot carry a meaningful relationship, he cannot hold a stable job, he has no real close circle of friends to speak of (yes, this is true!) except those people around him leeching on him and his family name, etcetera etcetera. I can go on and on in enumerating instances of his instability and all these adds to the bottom line: he is an unstable brat who failed to grow up.

And now he is about to become a dictator?

Survey shows that this is possible because he is still very popular. But even the most indifferent Juan dela Cruz will eventually see through the charade—the same charade that the Cojuangco-Lopa family controlled survey companies presented to the people that Villar was the closest rival of PNoy when in fact he never was. They did so to marginalize Erap, who was then the real threat. But as the saying goes, it is just a matter of time before all secrets come out. If it does happen, may God help PNoy.

PNoy should not delude himself because he knows that he is not really that popular anymore!

I will write a separate article about the impeachment next.

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