Friday, December 02, 2011

Scalawags and Bonus

I am a very busy cop so for quite a while, I was not able to post in my blog. I just usually vent my opinions in the comment section of the online edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

But the pronouncement of Chief PNP Bartolome really got me back into this blog. He said, “As a disciplinary policy, the release of the 13th month pay to PNP personnel with pending administrative and criminal cases is deferred,” PNP Director General Nicanor A. Bartolome said in a statement."

My simple retort to him in the comment section of PDI is:

as days go by, my expectations of drastic reforms in the pnp with gen bartolome as chief pnp diminishes. there is no change in the way the pnp is thinking and this is one example...

sir, for your information, if you are a good and hardworking policeman, in one way or another, you will encounter harassment in the form of trumped-up administrative or criminal cases. for what criminal will be happy if you put them to jail!

one perfect example of a policeman who had not encountered any admin or criminal case since his cadet days in the pma is general magtibay, the district director of mpd during the luneta hostage fiasco. can you now say that he had been a good officer? the first time that he was named respondent in an administrative case was in the luneta crisis (for command responsibility, a relatively light offense). what was his reaction? he went to the media and cried his heart out like a b!tch!

compare him to the daring policemen and women of the pnp and the afp. many of them are veterans of court cases. the bacoor policemen comes to mind immediately. i had blogged about them in my other blog. now, can you say that these policemen do not deserve bonus because they defended their station and killed col obillos in the process? general chief boss! baka di mo alam na ang pinakamagagaling na pulis ay yung mga beterano sa kaso kaso? or hindi ka talaga kasali sa mga magagaling na pulis.


now my point: pending case does not mean that you are guilty. that is enshrined in the constitution. use your head chief!

or nahawa ka na sa administrasyon ng benefactor mo na ipinagbawal na ang paggamit ng utak?

This summarizes my opinion of the matter. When you are a hardworking policeman, expect that together with the commendations and awards for exemplary works will be harassment cases from suspects and their families when you put them to jail. For influential suspects, they will even use their position to ensure that you never go far in investigating them. The Ted Failon vs QCPD case is a case in point. If you are an impartial and thinking observer, you will immediately know that Ted Failon is hiding something. I had extensively written about that before in this blog. Just to revisit: If indeed his wife committed suicide, then why: 1. Ted would clean up the crime scene and muddle the investigation; 2. why would he assign a lawyer to each of his househelp to monitor the interviews being done by cops; 3. why did he refuse a joint autopsy of the cadaver by the PNP, NBI, and his paid hack Dr. Fortun. At the end of the day, he successfully maneuvered that the policemen involved in the investigation, led by Supt Mabanag, were suspended on an administrative charge. The charge: Grave Misconduct by failing to inform him of his rights by failing to read the Miranda Warning. Can you believe that in the presence of all his lawyers, he was not apprised of his rights?

Can you now say that Supt Mabanag et al are bad cops that they do not deserve the bonus?

General sir, bossing, tsip, amo! Let PNOY be if he refuses to use his coconut. But be different naman. A lot of cops pinned their hopes on you. Prove that you deserve that confidence!

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