Saturday, May 07, 2011

PNOY, the Royal Wedding, and the Media

PNoy's wish for William and Kate: Privacy from media. My first reaction when I first heard this piece of shit delivered by Edwin Lamierda over ABS-CBN was sudden rage. Why can’t our president confine his stupidity in issues within the borders of our country? Why can he not save the Filipinos from further embarrassment by at least projecting a semblance of intelligence in this country known throughout the world as the biggest exporter of slaves, no thanks to his latest caper of immediately negotiating and entering into a lopsided memorandum of agreement with the Saudis after the latter imposed a ban on OFWs in Saudi after another do-gooder secretary stirred the proverbial hornets’ nest? (But this will be another story.)

In Lamierda’s words as quoted by ABS-CBN, Pnoy’s wish to the Royal Couple is “He hopes that the media can afford them some level of privacy in order for them to develop or to establish their wedding foundations.” The is the advice you get from a President who should not have been there in the first place because he had not prepared for it. This is the advice you get from a President who has Kris Aquino as the principal adviser.

When will our President grow up and show that he has the learning curve that we all hoped and prayed that he has before the elections? It was almost a year and he is not showing any.

Can he not understand that his view of the media is not shared by many politicians all over the world? While he tells the media to clean up their act by reporting on his accomplishments and not on his personal matters like his girlfriends, other personalities instead clean up their act first so that they will have no dirty laundry for the media to see in the first place.

Had he still not realized that if there is somebody, someone, or something that is most instrumental his ascent to the presidency, it is undoubtedly the media? He should stop thinking that the media glare is always bad and impose that stupidity on other people like the newly wedded William and Kate because for all he know, the two are light years away from him in finesse in dealing with the media.

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