Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Matuwid na Bonus

Today I got my midyear bonus. It was in a continuous forms check (CFC). While I am happy to have the bonus no matter how small it is, I cannot help but wonder: why is it that the bonus is in CFCs and not immediately deposited in the ATMs just like the regular pay?

The answer is simple: it is easier for people in the PNP Finance Service to steal Object Class 01 (Personnel Services) money if it is in check rather than deposited in bank accounts of policemen. In deposits, they have to deal with the auditing system of the banks which is very difficult to manipulate. Compare that if the money is in the checks. All the thieves in the finance department need to do is forge the signature of the person and lo and behold! They can now encash the check.

What checks are we talking about?

These are the checks of personnel who are not entitled to the midyear and yearend bonus (13th month pay). Personnel who were meted suspensions during the year (even just a 1-day suspension and you bonus goes pfffft!); AWOL, dropped from rolls, broken service, etc. There are a lot of other reasons for personnel to be denied their bonuses. Now, do you think the PNP does not print their checks? The PNP does because the basis of printing is the roster of personnel.

Matuwid na tseke! (Continuous di ba? Hehehe)

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