Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unli-rice and Angelito Banayo

I just can’t resist the itch of commenting in non-police matters but this unli-rice issue created by NFA Administrator Angelito Banayo is something that I just can’t let pass.

For me, the statement of Banayo is more than just a simple error in policy. It reinforces the notion that this government of PNoy is totally disconnected with the general pulse of the people. PNoy has his Porsche. Lito Banayo is no exception. He has his unli rice. For what can you expect from a person who belongs to a rich family from childhood to adulthood. In his now inactive blog, his last post is about his childhood that is unmistakably not proletarian. His present situation is no different. As he himself said, all of his children are in the “US of A” so most probably, breakfast for him nowadays is bacon and egg sandwich. Or looking at his picture, his no-rice breakfast must have been dictated not by the desire to reduce consumption but compelled by circumstances brought about by past overconsumption.

Also in the same blog, Banayo claimed to be the consultant of several political personalities like Senator Orlando Mercado, Senate President Marcelo B. Fernan, Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, Speaker Ramon Mitra, Jr., Ronaldo Zamora, Manuel A. Roxas III and Hernando B. Perez—all political failures if you consider the fact that one time or the other, all of these people were touted to be potential presidentiables. And all failed. The only success story in his political consultancy resume is Joseph Estrada. And we all know what happened to Erap two years after his unprecedented landslide victory. Could this be because Banayo was never in sync with the voters in the first place?

His statement is nothing surprising if you consider these as backdrop. For quite a while now, he must not have experienced (or never experienced) eating in Mang Inasal and took advantage of their unli rice promo and scheduling your meal at 2 PM so that you need not take dinner in the evening to save on meal allowance money. They have so much money and lived in comfort that they forgot that more than half of the Filipinos out there were patronizing the unlimited rice not because of gluttony but because of necessity.

He has to get his feet back to the ground!


  1. Wasn't he the same consultant for Chiz in the last presidential elections? In the end NPC chose not to even have a candidate. Bakit kaya?

  2. hehe. good question!


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