Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last week, newspapers were screaming the headline, “40% of CIDG members not trained in crime investigation” quoting the new CIDG Chief Samuel Pagdilao. It was about time that somebody tells the truth about the CIDG. While before the CIDG is considered to be a very competent police investigation unit just like the reputation of its predecessor the PC CIS, the CIDG nowadays is a unit that really has to fight for its relevance. It has outlived its purpose except be just one of the “butas” that illegal gamblers and the other underworld gangs have to make “areglo” with.

From its official website, the mission statement of CIDG is:
Free from politics, ininterrupted (sic) by territorial limitations and countrywide in scope, the CIDG performs the following missions:
1. To undertake the monitoring, investigation and prosecution of all crimes involving economic savotage and other crimes of such magnitude and extent as to indicate their commission by highly-placed professional syndicates or organizations; and,

2. To investigate all major cases involving violation of the Revised Penal Code (RPC) and to conduct operations against organized crime groups (OCGs), unless the president assigns the case exclusively to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

Reading this mission statement, one cannot help but ask, what about the rest of the PNP? Is it not that the mission of the PNP (also from its official website) is:

The PNP shall enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community.

Is the CIDG a very special unit in the PNP? Why do you need a special unit that basically duplicates one of the most basic functions of the PNP?

The PC CIS has to be created during the PC/INP days because there is a need for a unit that has a nationwide scope of operations. The PC is not really a police force and the INP is simply local police with very limited capability so the CIS was created to fill the middle ground. But now the PNP is national in scope. That is in its charter. The PNP can operate anywhere so it is not uncommon for policemen from one jurisdiction to operate in another jurisdiction. That is why the coordination form is one of the most common documents in the PNP.

The CIDG has the mandate. But do they have the responsibility? At this time, several “one strike policies” about this and that criminal incident are in effect. A commander gets the boot if jueteng is detected and interdicted in his area. A precinct commander also gets axed if a gas station is held up. The local police is also blamed if there is a bank robbery. How about the CIDG? Where are they all these time? Is it not that jueteng is the best example of an organized crime group? Is it not that bank robbery is economic sabotage? Is it not that hold up is a heinous crime? Why is it that it is the local police that gets blamed when something like this happens?

The CIDG has all the powers and authority but they have no responsibility whatsoever. I remember one PNP officer lamenting during the height of the jueteng scandal in Metro Manila last year asking why is it that they get blamed and relieved when the CIDG raids a jueteng operation in their area when in the first place it was the CIDG who talked to them and organized their payola before the operations started?

I think this is actually the reason why the PNP cannot really get its act together because the organizational structure in itself is terribly flawed to start with.

The CIDG is not the place for officers like General Pagdilao. His transfer from PRO4A to CIDG in my view is a demotion. He should have been promoted to NCRPO Chief so that he can get his 2nd star and line him up to be the next Chief PNP before Dir Bartolome. That way, the PNP can have a thinking Chief PNP for a change. Gen Pagdilao’s talents will be wasted in CIDG. All his time will be consumed plugging holes in a leaking boat that should have been already scuttled and sank in the first place.

Yes, I believe that CIDG should be deactivated now.


  1. that's correct... does cidg also have jurisdiction? just asking because there was one time that a cidg personnel applied for an sw in other region...


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