Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bullshit Squatters

This morning, 6:30 AM, April 28, 2011, I saw on ABS-CBN footages of the violence that erupted during the final eviction of squatters in Laperal Compound , Makati City after it was burned a few weeks back. Again, the rage in me against these squatters was aroused. These are the people who had forfeited their right to be members of this society. At the very minimum, they should be imprisoned in hard labor to at least make them pay up the back real estate taxes that for so long they failed to pay the government while enjoying the social services brought about by these taxes like the firetrucks that respond to them during the frequent fires that hit their illegally occupied squatters areas in the past. Obviously, I despise squatters nu?

I believe that squatters are the reason why this country is hard up in rising to the heights that it supposed to reach. Aside from reducing the elections in this country into a contest of who can give them food for a day, these squatters are also the epitome and illustration of the worst Filipino trait: “Lulusot kung pupwedeng makalusot.” Just like the jeepney and tricycle drivers that many of them are, they will only follow the rules if somebody enforces it upon them. Turn your eyes for a moment and they will be like mice left alone by the cat. In another analogy, in that timeless illustration of the bayanihan spirit where people carry a bahay kubo in their shoulders, these squatters are the ones who hang on to the trusses, further adding weight to the load instead of carrying it.

Squatters know that what they are doing is wrong. Looking at the sidewalks, they know that it is wrong to construct anything in it. But these very same criminals will ask for a court order once somebody attempts to demolish their houses. But did they care to get a building permit in the first place? These people will always interpret the law in their favor and you can see the politicians kowtowing to them because of the votes (for sale) that they supposedly command. Manila City and Quezon City politicians are the most notorious in this MO with many elections for the mayoralty race decided by the swing votes from the squatters area.

Do you see the Ombudsman building in the background?  It is where the squatters run to to file complaints against government officials involved in demolitions!  Hahaha!

I remember another episode also in ABS-CBN where one of the guests was QC District II Representative Winston Castelo. Castelo was insinuating that arson may be behind the several fires that happened in squatter areas because he noted that the owners appear to be ready to move in and reoccupy their lands by fencing it and posting guards after the fires. He further said that because of this, he is mulling of crafting a law prohibiting these acts by the land owners.

This style of Castelo is the “style na bulok” that is reflective of the mindset of many Quezon City and Metro Manila politicians. This is the very reason why Quezon City, specifically District II that Castelo represents, is the undisputed kingdom of squatters. Incidentally, District II QC hosts the House of Representatives. (I am wont to ask, could it be that this phenomenon is just a way of the area to keep up with the reality that the biggest kingdom of criminals, robbers, and squatters in this country is located in those four buildings inside the National Government Center Compound, Constitution Hills, Batasan Road, Quezon City? But that is another story.) Castelo wants to be popular with the squatters. But is it not that there is an existing law that prohibits constructions without the corresponding permits? Even fencing needs a permit. So why is it that the squatters can re build their illegal houses without any permits but the owners who have the required permit can’t?

Squatters are the real scums of the society. They are the textbook example of people who do not fight fair. Their reason “kapit sa patalim” just doesn’t cut it anymore (pun intended). Just look around the squatters area: many of those people there are only renters who pay to “owners” of the houses. Perfect example of professional squatters as defined in that stupid Lina Law. Even inside many big police camps, policemen themselves are paying rent to civilian "house owners" people who in the first place have no right to be there!


  1. your comment is too short to be understood

  2. tama ka pulis na pogi. salot talaga yang mga skwaters na yan! imbis ng mag contribute ng matino sa society by being hardworking para makaraosa sa sitwasyon nila ay puro tamad pa. gusto parating may nakukuha kahit hindi pinaghihirapan. parati nilang rason ang pagiging mahirap nila pero pag tinuturo sa kanila kung ano ang tamang gawin para makaraos sa kahirapan, ang dahilan nila ay "mahirap gawin, di ko kaya yan kasi mahirap lang ako" pweh!!

  3. and guys, have you tried recruiting people as househelp from squatters area? shucks, the first thing that they will ask for is their salary and usually, it is unrealistically high. they would rather while their time away doing nothing than actually doing something even if it is for daily sustenance itself!

  4. Nagpapa board and lodging pa mga iskwat na yan.


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